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Post Pregnancy Depression – Symptoms and Cure

Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings by God to a woman. Woman faces this crucial phase of her life by bearing pain, facing mood-swings, sleeplessness nights, morning sickness, nausea and body swelling along with other problems from the conception till delivery. However, post delivery period is one of the most challenging time a woman […]

Five Ways to avoid Heart Disease

Quit Smoking Nothing can be more dangerous than the habit of smoking. Quitting smoking is in the hands of the one who does it. This is one of the main reason that can be held responsible for heart attack. Now it has been proven that 20 percent of all cardiovascular deaths take place because of […]

Cinnamon for weight loss and health

Cinnamon is one of the must-have spices in any kitchen which adds flavor to any food. It is also being used for many of its other health and weight-loss benefits. Everyone seems to be recommended its use to remain fit and fine. But is there any truth that cinnamon helps in weight loss? What Is […]

When the blood sugar is too low

What is Hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia is the condition when the blood sugar is very low, and the body does not have enough sugar to use as a fuel. Generally, the condition hypoglycemia happens in diabetes but can happen for some other reasons also like: Medication Exercise Medical conditions Diet What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia? When […]

Different types of milk

We have heard a lot that milk is good for kids, adults, sick people, lactating mothers and many others, but often get confused with the type of milk one should go for. The market is flooded with skimmed, low-fat, high fat, flavoured, toned, doubled toned milk. The milk stores have mainly four types of milk […]

Sports News round the World

Fakhar Zaman – The Pakistani Cricketer

Fakhar Zaman is a Pakistani Cricket player. He was born in Pakistan on 10 April 1990 in Mardan, North-West Frontier Province. Zaman is a left-handed batsman who made his Twenty-Twenty International debut by playing against the West Indies on 30 March 2017. Zaman is in a good form since he made his debut, with an […]

Top 5 Indian Sports Women of 2016

Year 2016 saw many female sports women like Dipa Karmakar, PV Sindhu, Aditi Ashok, Deepa Malik and Sakshi Malik winning medals for India in different sports category. 1. Dipa Karmakar Dipa Karmakar holds a record of to be the first Indian gymnast to compete in any Olympics ever. She was born on 9 August 1993 […]


5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Internet, with time has become indispensable in our lives. We start our day with checking mails, whatsApp messages, Instagram, Twitter etc. It is used for other purposes also like, searching jobs, tutorials, cooking ideas, weather, travelling ideas etc. The Internet also provides ample opportunities to the people for earning. With little patience, hard work and […]

Michelle Schroeder – Making Sense of Cents

How this 27-year-old MBA graduate made $1 Million in One Year Can you imagine, an MBA girl who has taken a student loan worth $38,000 would be able to earn $1 Million just from blogging in one year? And not only this, she even was able to do the repayment of student loan debt before […]

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