Health and Fitness Articles

How to take care of dogs

Dogs are one of the best social and friendly animal, and also very loyal at the same time. They they are like kids and like them need love and your attention. Dogs are quick earner and grasp things very easily. Its not very difficult to train them and take care of them as they get […]

Health benefits of fenugreek or methi seeds

Methi is an indian name for Fenugreek seeds. In ayurveda, methi is considered as the cure for most of the diseases. Also, an indian household cannot do without fenugreek seeds and is included in most of the indian preparations like paranthas, dal, sambhar or kadi etc. Many people are unaware of the medicinal properties of […]

Get rid of glasses with Lasik

We are born with our eyes as a gift by god, without whom no beauty is of any use.’ What to do of the spectacles that have come between you and the beautiful world? Don’t worry, just read down and learn how a small Lasik (Laser) treatment can do wonders to your eyes and get […]

International Yoga Day, 2016

What is International Yoga Day 21 June, 2016 was the second anniversary of International Yoga Day. On December, 2014, the United Nations declared 21 June as the International Yoga Day. The idea of reserving a day in a year in the name of yoga was of Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi who insisted to […]

Foods that heal

We all know about good food and bad food, the junk food and healthy food, the fruits and vegetables uses. For this grains and vegetables are supposed to fill our plates. But many times in the name of good foods, we go for apple, broccoli, salad and sprouts only and that makes eating right a […]

Sports News round the World

PV Sandhu bags silver in the Olympics 2016

What a brilliant match played between PV Sandhu and number one badminton player, Spain’s Carolina Maren in the Women Singles badminton finals in Olympics 2016. It was really a well-played and tough game between the players, and Sandhu really played like champions and took the game to the third set. Carolina won the match by 21-19, […]

Srikanth Kidambi in Olympics Rio 2016

After Deepa Karmarker showed her best in Olympics Rio, 2016, its Indian Badminton Player Srikant Kidambi who showed his best in Rio Olympics in a match against world number  5 Player, Jan O Jorgensen in straight games and made an entry in quarterfinals in the men’s singles. He will fight with China’s Lin Dan in the quarter […]


Online Mega sale is back on flipkart amazon snapdeal

With the arrival of festive season, the online leading online giants Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have come up with mega sales by keeping in mind the interest of buyers, and that would offer heavy discounts and great savings along with shopping. Flipkart has come up with its “Big Billion Days Sale” which is starting from […]

Whatsapp added new feature in latest release

WhatsApp is no doubt the mostly used chatting software on smartphones, owing to its easy to navigate and best features that it offers. WhatsApp has brought two new features for android users in its latest update (2.12.535). The two updates are for formatting text i.e. making it bold or italicize and also one can share […]

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