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International Yoga Day, 2016

What is International Yoga Day 21 June, 2016 was the second anniversary of International Yoga Day. On December, 2014, the United Nations declared 21 June as the International Yoga Day. The idea of reserving a day in a year in the name of yoga was of Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi who insisted to […]

Foods that heal

We all know about good food and bad food, the junk food and healthy food, the fruits and vegetables uses. For this grains and vegetables are supposed to fill our plates. But many times in the name of good foods, we go for apple, broccoli, salad and sprouts only and that makes eating right a […]

How not to hurt during exercise in cold?

Doing exercise is always important, no matter how intensive it is, also it does not matter if it is summers or winters. Exercising keep body weight and BMI in proportions along with other health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar etc. But there are few things which one needs to follow while starting an exercise, […]

What is Breast Cancer?

Woman is a creator who gives a new life by keeping a baby in her womb for nine months and then nurture and care the life after giving birth.  In today’s fast pace life and with more urbanization, many women do not wish to marry or getting pregnant. The reasons for this could be many, […]

Why your cough is not improving?

Are you tired of your stubborn cough? You also have tried everything but the cough does not go away? Cough can take away your night’s sleep and can reduce your healthy weight also. Cough is a symbol of our body fighting with some unwanted foreign particles that have entered in our wind pipe. It could […]

Sports News round the World

Why India lost its World T20 opener against New Zealand?

India is the host of 20-20 world cup, 2016, but seeing it defeated by New Zealand in the very first opening match was really very shocking. India is the winner of Asian cup and was seen as the title favorites. But it got defeated by New Zealand by 47 runs in the very first opener […]

Cricketer Rohit Sharma gets engaged

Its Rohit Sharma, all rounder of Indian cricket team, who has added his name in the recent list of crickets getting engaged. After his friend and teammate, Suresh Raina tied knot, Rohit also has got engaged to his long time known friend, Ritika. Rohit, who also plays for the Mumbai IPL team, got engaged to […]


Whatsapp added new feature in latest release

WhatsApp is no doubt the mostly used chatting software on smartphones, owing to its easy to navigate and best features that it offers. WhatsApp has brought two new features for android users in its latest update (2.12.535). The two updates are for formatting text i.e. making it bold or italicize and also one can share […]

Whats new in Android-N Operating System?

Android N, the new operating system of Google Android is just few months away to launch, but Google has given us the first look of the same in advance.  Let’s see what new features it has added to Android N for your tablet and smartphones. Multitasking feature: This will allow user to open two apps […]

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