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Dental Myths – Milk Teeth

This article has been written by Dr. Sushma Sharma who is a medical practitioner. We would like to thank her for joining us and sharing her thoughts with the world. Every baby is born with tooth germs hidden in the gums which erupts only after the age of 6 months.These “pearly white” are often called as […]

3 Reasons to Clean your Coffee Machine in Best way

Coffee machine comes in different sizes and designs. Many people are in the habit of using a coffee making machine, but do not give important to its cleaning. A coffee machine also gives indications when it needs cleaning and little maintenance. For example, when your coffee starts tasting bitter and the quality degrades and funky, […]

Why we Should not Drink Tea or Coffee in Plastic Cup?

Do you also take coffee or tea in plastic cups or use straw to drink coffee? Or, do you use food which is packed in polythene? If yes, shun this habit of yours as otherwise you are going to suffer with serious kidney, liver diseases or even cancer like problems. The government has also banned […]

Rice Water- Cheap But Best Product for your Skin and Hair

In the last one decade the beauty industry has  developed a lot with the launch of lot many new beauty products. Herbal, non-herbal products are available in the market which claim overnight results. But even after spending a lot of money we do not get the results. On the contrary the chemicals present in them […]

Veg Paneer Bread Pizza

pizza is all time favourite of kids. This is an Italian dish. Pizza base may not be available in your neighborhood, so today I am going to share recipe of vegetable paneer bread pizza which uses bread as the base for pizza instead of pizza base. This desi style pizza is not only quick to make […]

Sports News round the World

Wear Inline Skate Protective Accessories – Your Skin Will Thank You

Safety first is always my motto, and it’s likely that most or all of your professional inline skating will take place on a concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, or rubber surface. Bare skin will not slide on these surfaces!! The result: road rash or broken bones. Preventing road rash is simple. Always invest in proper skate […]

Kavita Dalal-First Indian Female WWE Player in Salwar Kameez

Dare to dream , nothing is impossible to achieve. Kavita Dalal or “Hard KD” is an ordinary small town girl who hails from a small village called Malvi (Julana) of the Jind district in the state of Haryana. Kavita Dalal had inclination towards sports since her early years. Kavita was an accomplished kabaddi player in […]


Best Tips to Upload Photos on Facebook in High Quality

Facebook is one of the strongest medium of sharing your thoughts, photos or videos with your friends and the world. One of the best features of Facebook is posting photos of friends, family or events. Most of the people have smart phones now a days, so uploading pictures has become easily. Do you also love […]

How to Use Google Insights Tool for Keyword Searching

Are you also running a blog or a website but not getting desired results in search engines? Do you also plan to make it a source of your online earning but have yet not earned a single penny? Such questions are natural and people feel frustrated when they do not get the best out of […]

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