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Why and How to Stay Hydrated during Workout

More than half of human body is constituted by water. Keeping your body well hydrated is very essential as it can  loose upto  0.4-0.6 L/h water while you are enganged in athletic activity. Thus, the key to start work out is to stay well hydrated not only before, but during and after physical activity too. Why […]

Know Everything about Flat foot or Fallen Arches in kids

“Flat foot” or “fallen arches” is a very frequent deformity of the lower extremities and one of the major concerns of parents. Flat foot is classified by the World Health Organisation as a joint disorder, and defined as an acquired or congenital deformity of limb (WHO 2010). Flat foot is a condition in which the arch […]

How Your Teeth Are Connected to Your Heart

Inflammation is your body’s response to an injury or illness and is, therefore, a critical element in your body’s immune response. While acute inflammation is essential to your body’s healing process, chronic inflammation is a common issue across major illnesses, including gingivitis, periodontal disease, and cardiovascular disease (CVD). These diseases are strongly linked, and  therefore, […]

Dengue Fever- Know about its Symptoms and Prevention

Sometimes, a mild fever or headache is the result of some serious disease and one such is the case of “Dengue Fever“. Dengue is a mosquito-borne fever that results due to the biting of a female mosquito, Aedes. The symptoms are not visible during first couple of days but develop few days after the infection. Dengue […]

Dental Tourism in India – Advantages and Disadvantage

Dental tourism is an inexpensive way of getting dental treatment by travelling to a country that has much lower cost of living than the native country. And at the same time enjoying vacation in that country while getting treatment in that country. India is one such country that has good healthcare infrastructure and provide affordable […]

Sports News round the World

Golden Girl Vinesh Phogat Engages with Somvir Rathi

Golden girl of India, Vinesh Phogat became the first Indian to win a wrestling gold at the Asian games, 2018 held in Jakarta. Bajrang Punia won first gold in Asian games, 2018 On returning India, the 24-year-old Vinesh and her long time boyfriend Somvir Rathi, exchanged engagement rings outside the arrival gates of Indira Gandhi […]

Wrestler Bajrang Punia wins first Gold in Asian Games 2018

It’s a matter of pride again to India, that 24-year-old Bajrangi Punia won first  gold at 18th Asian games. These Asian games are being held in Jakarta. Bajrang Punia Medal in Asian Wrestling Championship, 2017 Bajrangi won gold medal in 65 kg category by over Japan’s Takatani Daichi over 11-18. Bajrangi had earlier won silver […]


The Right applicability of Mind and Intellect in the Aptitude Test

Introduction This is the perfect ground where you can show your utmost ability in the genre of aptitude test. This is an online testing solution which can help in gauging the ability of the person to perform aptly in the right situation. This is the usual tool that most companies can make use of as […]

Photography Courses for Focusing More on The Objectives

Photography provides excellent opportunities for those who want to start their journey in different sectors with better salaries. A photography course is a suitable one for the beginners to gain more knowledge on various things for accomplishing goals in life. Nowadays, a lot of students are willing to become a professional photographer due to high […]

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