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Pacifiers for Kids- Risks and Benefits

Non-nutritive sucking (NNS) is a innate reflex for  newborns. Even inside womb, fetuses are often seen sucking a hand or finger. Pacifiers, also known as soothers, binkies, dummies are  artificial teats given to babies and toddlers to help fulfill the desire to suck. Pacifiers are used since ages. Earlier Pacifiers were made of clay, silver,ivory, pearl […]

Thumbsucking in Kids-Causes, Impact and Treatment

Babies love to put everything in their mouth. They have inborn drive for sucking on objects,  both animate and inanimate. Babies can indulge in type of sucking habits: Nutritive sucking and Non nutritive sucking. Breast feeding and bottle feeding is nutritive sucking. Sucking on anything that derives no nutrition to the baby is non nutritive sucking, done with […]

What happens if you Eat Bananas Every Day?

Bananas are the power house of nutrients and an instant energy giving food. Eating bananas pre and post workout can fulfill the loss of nutrients during workout. This is one of my all time favorite and can be eaten at any place, any time. A banana is available in almost every part of the world. […]

10 October-World Mental Health Day

10th October is observed as World Mental health Day for creating and raising the awareness regarding issues associated with mental health, and disabilities and social stigmas associated with mental disorders. The World Health Organization defines mental health as a “state of well-being whereby individuals recognize their abilities, are able to cope with the normal stresses […]

Soft drinks : Hard on Teeth

Cool, bubbly and fizzy Soft drinks have become a popular choice of beverage among masses, especially kids. Unfortunately, renowned faces advertise these drinks as an elixir making young brains to hooked upon them. Excess consumption of these drinks is degrading health status of people.  It seems young generation has become addicted to these easy drinks, […]

Sports News round the World

Japan 2020 Olympics-Know about Mascot and Games

Olympics and Paralympics  of year 2020 is going to happen in Japan. Many countries will participate in the event across the globe. Which Game will be Played for the First Time in 2020 Japan Olympics Those who love Karate but could never participate in Olympics have a good news now !!. As Karate will also […]

Virat Kohli Awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Virat Kohli was awarded with prestigious award “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna”  award for his brilliant contribution in the field of cricket on 25 September, 2018. With  this award, Kohli has become the third player who won Khel Ratna award after Sachin Tendhulkar and Mahender Singh Dhoni. Normally, the sports award ceremony is celebrated on 29 […]


How can one Make Money from starting a Blog?

Starting a blog is not so difficult, what is more difficult is to get the traffic to it. There are many ways we can earn by starting a blog but all they require website traffic. When there is very low traffic to your website, the chances of earning with is very minimum. How to Get […]

List of Top Web Sites for Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging websites provide a medium to write on their space to earn backlinks and grow more audience. It helps to popularize the website and helps it to reach more number of people online. But remember, just guest blogging is not only the way of getting more traffic to your website, even though it is […]

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