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Effects and Causes of Using Incontinence Pads and Products

Incontinence can either be fecal incontinence or unitary incontinence. The former refers to the involuntary excretion of bowel contents whereas the later refers to the involuntary excretion of urine. Talking about urine incontinence, this is when a person urinates even when they don’t want to. The primary reason for the occurrence of this is urinary […]

Why Choose Teeth Whitening? Risks and Benefits

Who does not wish to have whiter and brighter teeth? A bright sparkling smile can be a real kick to your self confidence. Yellow teeth may tarnish your personality. One of the least invasive way to get ‘pearly white’ teeth is tooth whitening treatment or bleaching. A wide array of options are available for teeth whitening […]

Complete Information on Prebiotics and Probiotics

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  Hippocrates Human intestine or gut is not sterile. Microbes starts colonizing human gastrointestinal tract soon after birth. Since birth, commensal gut bacteria is essential to the development of many intestinal functions, structures and immune system.  Human gut may contain microflora of over 35, 000 bacterial species ( An […]

Euthanasia: Conflict between Life and Death

The word Euthanasia  is derived from  Greek words “eu”and “thanatos ”which means “good death” or “easy death”,  involves providing deliberate death to terminally ailing patient in order to alleviate such patient of intractable and unbearable pain or suffering”. It is also known as Mercy Killing. The Northern Territory of Australia was the first country to legalize […]

What You Need to Know If Your Child Snores?

Snoring in children! Yes, you read it right. Generally, we think snoring is age related phenomenon, only  old people snore, but it is true that a child can snore too. Actually, snoring is a milder, primary and major clinical symptom of Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), a group of conditions characterized by breathing difficulties while sleeping, which may range […]

Sports News round the World

Indian Under-19 Team Win in World Cup 2018 against Australia

Indian under-19 cricket team bagged the world cup 2018 by defeating Australia. The captain Prithvi Shaw and his team won the title by defeating Australia with 8 wickets. The Indian team created history by winning it for the fourth time. At one point of time the match was halted due to rain, and during this […]

Viswanathan Anand Defeated Champion Magnus Carlsen

Congratulations to Viswanathan Anand , Indian Chess Master for defeating reigning chess champion Magnus Carlsen in Riyadh World Rapids. Anand made the win in 34 moves. Anand defeated the current champion in the ninth round of World Rapid Championship (WRC) on 27 December, 2017. The championship is being played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In October, […]


5 Common Mistakes During Data Cable Installation

If you are shifting to a new location and house, you are certainly searching for ways how to install the network cables in your new residence all over again. If you believe in the saying, “learn from the mistakes of others,” you are an intelligent being. Take a look at the most commonly made mistakes […]

Make your WiFi Router Work Faster with 7 Simple Ways

Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity”. To access the Internet wirelessly you’ll need a device called a router.WiFi provides you the freedom of using internet anytime and anywhere. This technology provides flexibility, connectivity, mobility, and cost efficiency to meet your needs. The major advantage of WiFi is that it is compatible with almost every operating system, personal […]

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