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Difference between Curd and Yogurt

Curd or Yogurt play an important part in daily diet and especially Indian kitchen as they are used in various cooking recipes also. Both of them are rich source of calcium and contain many micro-nutrients which are good for stomach and overall health. Curd and Yogurt are often misunderstood to be the same as they […]

Diabetes and Oral Health- Lesser Known Facts

14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day. Number of diabetic patients is rapidly rising all over the globe at an alarming rate. Few decades ago what was thought as a mid disorder of elderly people, now has been turned into  one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality affecting the youth and middle-aged people. The International Diabetes Federation […]

Smog in Delhi is Dangerous for your Lungs and Life

Pollution in the capital of India, Delhi was never under control in recent time. But since last few days it has crossed the dangerous level also. PM level of 2.5 has been recorded by U.S embassy in the state that is really very worrisome. It can result into the tiny pollutants in air to penetrate […]

Benefits of Warm Saline Gargles

A salt water mouth rinse or “Dadi ji Ka nuskha” may be age old cure- all remedy but frequently a part of dental prescription. It is ancient tried and tested remedy which has many medicinal benefits. If we trace back into history,  medicinal value of salt is known for ages. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic documents contain references to […]

Oral Health and Yoga : Connection Kya Hai?

Yoga is all about increasing the Oxygen to your body; increased Oxygen can beat harm caused by abnoxicious chemicals to body- detoxification.  Not only Oxygen improves metabolism and physical strength but benefit of Yoga lies deep down with upliftment of a person on spiritual level by gaining mental  strength. Yoga is food to soul which […]

Sports News round the World

Sreesanth on BCCI Life time Ban on Cricket

The former India Cricketer S.Sreesanth has shown the pain he had got after the lifetime ban imposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI). He said in an interview that since he is 34 years old and has maximum 6 years of cricket age, so can consider playing for other country if not […]

Wear Inline Skate Protective Accessories – Your Skin Will Thank You

Safety first is always my motto, and it’s likely that most or all of your professional inline skating will take place on a concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, or rubber surface. Bare skin will not slide on these surfaces!! The result: road rash or broken bones. Preventing road rash is simple. Always invest in proper skate […]


Complete Guidelines and Information on Speed Breakers on Road

Speed breakers are constructed to reduce speed on roads to prevent accidents. According to the statistical data available with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, as many as 4,700 people died last year because of improper speed breakers on various National and state highways. Here is my list of observation with speed breakers. Speed breakers […]

Celebrities who have been Banned from using Twitter

Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media platforms that people use to share and promote their work. There are so many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities on twitter along with politicians and sportsman who actively share their thoughts. The fans of these celebrities follow them and spread the word of mouth. But many […]

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