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What are the different types of milk

We have heard a lot that milk is good for kids, adults, sick people, lactating mothers and many others, but often get confused with the type of milk one should go for . The market is flooded with skimmed, low fat, high fat, flavoured, toned, doubled toned milk. The milk stores have mainly four types […]

Benefits of Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling? This is a fantastic detoxification method in which oil is used for swishing or held in mouth for around 15-20 minutes and then spit out after that. It cleans the oral cavities by sucking the dust lying in there. Oil Pulling is an ancient old treatment to cure most of the […]

How to take care of dogs

Dogs are one of the best social and friendly animal, and also very loyal at the same time. They they are like kids and like them need love and your attention. Dogs are quick earner and grasp things very easily. Its not very difficult to train them and take care of them as they get […]

Health benefits of fenugreek or methi seeds

Methi is an indian name for Fenugreek seeds. In ayurveda, methi is considered as the cure for most of the diseases. Also, an indian household cannot do without fenugreek seeds and is included in most of the indian preparations like paranthas, dal, sambhar or kadi etc. Many people are unaware of the medicinal properties of […]

Get rid of glasses with Lasik

We are born with our eyes as a gift by god, without whom no beauty is of any use.’ What to do of the spectacles that have come between you and the beautiful world? Don’t worry, just read down and learn how a small Lasik (Laser) treatment can do wonders to your eyes and get […]

Sports News round the World

Badminton Player Carolina Marin

Carolina is a badminton player and was born on 15 June 1993. She is a left handed player and stands 172 cm tall. Marin is Currently holding second position in the World by Badminton World Federation in the women’s singles. She won her first women’s singles gold in the year 2016 at Rio Olympics after […]

Who is PV Sindhu

P.V Sindhu is one of the best badminton player in the world and was highly appreciated the spirit and the never-dying attitude she showed in Rio Olympics, 2016 against Carolina Marin in the finals. Although she lost in the finals and had to satisfied with the silver, but also became the first Indian to win […]


How to Jump start your business

The new year is a time to start with a new resolution to dream big and start something new. It could be a new habit or any new venture. If you are feeling your business is struck somewhere and not moving ahead, there is nothing better than to sit and take necessary steps today. Also Red: […]

Best smartphones launched in 2016

THE MOST SEARCHED SMARTPHONES OF 2016 IN INDIA Smartphones have made our lives easier and comfortable. In the year 2016, lot of smart phones were launched; few were just awesome, and others so-so. Not all smartphones were sought after much by the people, and only few made news in the headlines. Here’s a list of […]

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