Health and Fitness Articles

Why Should We Eat More Flax Seeds For Complete Health?

Our grandparents and their parents would always keep this small food ingredient in their kitchen. And it was the must-have item in their daily diet. But now, it has gone out of many modern kitchens now a days. The small brown seed which were quite indispensable and would cure most of the diseases is Flax […]

Wisdom Tooth – Cure and Why it sometimes requires removal?

What is Wisdom Tooth? Wisdom tooth is actually the third molar and last tooth to erupt in the mouth. Third molar usually erupts in the range of age group of 17-25 years – age at which a person is supposed to attain wisdom, hence named as Wisdom tooth. Rarely, a person may have full complement […]

Heart Diseases – Types, Symptoms and Prevention

Heart diseases refer to the complications that related with heart and effect its functions. Heart is a pumping machine which supplies and purifies blood in the body. Like any machine, it also needs a regular check-up and proper maintenance to make it running without failure. But many times we get heart diseases in the form […]

Liquid Nitrogen – can cause death if not handled correctly

“Smoky drinks” is becoming a visual treat to the visitors in trendy bars or pubs of metropolitan cities nowadays. This visual drama is created by Nitrogen liquid. However nothing in this world is unmixed blessing. In-spite of this how many of you with “Try it out” philosophy are aware of the fact that even one […]

Post Pregnancy Depression – Symptoms and Cure

Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings by God to a woman. Woman faces this crucial phase of her life by bearing pain, facing mood-swings, sleeplessness nights, morning sickness, nausea and body swelling along with other problems from the conception till delivery. However, post delivery period is one of the most challenging time a woman […]

Sports News round the World

Fakhar Zaman – The Pakistani Cricketer

Fakhar Zaman is a Pakistani Cricket player. He was born in Pakistan on 10 April 1990 in Mardan, North-West Frontier Province. Zaman is a left-handed batsman who made his Twenty-Twenty International debut by playing against the West Indies on 30 March 2017. Zaman is in a good form since he made his debut, with an […]

Top 5 Indian Sports Women of 2016

Year 2016 saw many female sports women like Dipa Karmakar, PV Sindhu, Aditi Ashok, Deepa Malik and Sakshi Malik winning medals for India in different sports category. 1. Dipa Karmakar Dipa Karmakar holds a record of to be the first Indian gymnast to compete in any Olympics ever. She was born on 9 August 1993 […]


How to Use Google Insights Tool for Keyword Searching

Are you also running a blog or a website but not getting desired results in search engines? Do you also plan to make it a source of your online earning but have yet not earned a single penny? Such questions are natural and people feel frustrated when they do not get the best of their […]

How to Get More Visitors on Your Blog?

Everything online is a game of visitors. The more visitors a website has, the better chances of it getting business. How to get more visitors on a website or a blog? This question is a very common one and needs a perfect answer as it only decides the approach that we would be taking. Also […]

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