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Tongue Tie in Kids or Infants-Symptoms and Cure

Look at mirror and raise your tongue, you would be able to see a band of tissues connecting the underside of your tongue to the floor of your mouth, this is called as Lingual frenum. Sometimes, since birth this attachment may be unusually thick, tight, or short,  called as tongue tie, restricting normal movement of […]

How to Deal with Teething problems in Babies

Teething is a first significant milestone in the path of development of a baby, usually starts around 6 months of age, a complete set of 20 primary or first teeth usually develops by age three. However, Biology is the science is exception, every child grows at his own pace, my son had his first pearly whites […]

What is Acid Reflux Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Understanding the causes and consequences of acid reflux Acid reflux is a known ailment that affects almost every individual. It is not akin to a medical emergency but can cause extreme uneasiness and shooting pain. However before delving into the treatment options available for combating acid reflux it is better to acquire a clear idea […]

Acid Reflux Cough-What does Heartburn Feel Like

Common reasons behind the occurrence of an acid reflux There are ample causes that lead to heartburn and allied discomforting disorders. The regurgitation of food forces acidic contents out from the stomach through the pyloric sphincter towards the esophagus. The upward flow of partially digested food can cause acid reflux cough. Coughing up food particles […]

What is Pink Eye? Types, Causes and Treatment

What is Pink Eye? Pink eye is an eye syndrome that makes it “Red”. Mostly it is a term used when a person gets infection with “conjunctivitis”.  In most of the cases, it heals itself but sometimes it requires medical attention. Both virus and bacteria can cause pink eye. Bacteria pink eye causes green or […]

Sports News round the World

Wrestler Bajrang Punia wins first Gold in Asian Games 2018

It’s a matter of pride again to India, that 24-year-old Bajrangi Punia won first  gold at 18th Asian games. These Asian games are being held in Jakarta. Bajrang Punia Medal in Asian Wrestling Championship, 2017. Bajrangi won gold medal in 65 kg category by over Japan’s Takatani Daichi over 11-18. Bajrangi had earlier won silver […]

Ajit Wadekar Dies at the age of 77 years

Former Indian cricketer and captain Ajit Wadekar died at the age of 77 years in Mumbai on 15 August 2018. Wadekar took his last breath in Mumbai’s Jaslok hospital. He was reportedly not feeling well since last many days. Ajit was born on 1 April 1941 in Mumbai. His father wanted him to become a […]


The Right applicability of Mind and Intellect in the Aptitude Test

Introduction This is the perfect ground where you can show your utmost ability in the genre of aptitude test. This is an online testing solution which can help in gauging the ability of the person to perform aptly in the right situation. This is the usual tool that most companies can make use of as […]

Photography Courses for Focusing More on The Objectives

Photography provides excellent opportunities for those who want to start their journey in different sectors with better salaries. A photography course is a suitable one for the beginners to gain more knowledge on various things for accomplishing goals in life. Nowadays, a lot of students are willing to become a professional photographer due to high […]

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