Benefits of warm water in the morning

Water, water everywhere and its the same in our body. Water is the only thing in our body which is neutral and does not cause any harm. Water gives life as one can live without food but not water for a long time. Our body is made up of about 70% water.

Our daily activities make our body looses water in the form of perspiration, urination, respiration etc. So to replenish we should take at least 8-9 classes of water in a day.

Benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

The best practice is to start a day with 2-3 glasses of warm water. This helps in cleaning out motions and detoxifies the body. In ayurveda, it is mentioned that one should try to gulp 4-5 glasses of saline warm water in a go, and after this try to bring vomiting by putting two large fingers inside the neck. This is known as Kunjal and it brings out wastes from the body and cleanses inside. benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

If you cannot drink the whole day, then at least try to drink warm water first thing first in the morning. At least 3 glasses we should drink. After this we should wash our face and eyes with cold water.

You can add a piece of lemon to warm water if don’t like its taste or some honey also to this. It can help you in weight reduction if you are suffered with overweight issues. Honey mixes with the hidden stubborn fat in body, which normally does not come out its ow. The lemon is though very good for skin so if these three things are mixed together and taken first thing in the morning then you won’t have to go for expensive weight loosing medicines and these do not have any side effects also.

You can give a try and at least follow this practice for few days and feel the results.


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Drinking warm water first thing in the morning has many benefits It clears stomach and brings face to your body. You can add lemon and honey to it for better results.

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