Top 10 SEO Practices to get your website on top search results


People start blogging seeing income others generate from it but they don’t look into the SEO practices that others follow.

There are many blogs which are very old enough but still they are not ranked high in Google and other search engines. The only reason behind is the lack of proper Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful tool in bringing your website on top search results on google or other search engines. Few things are there from SEO prospects that you can do yourself but for some others you need to take services from external. We are mentioning below few of the best SEO practices that can help in ranking your website high in Google search or other search engines.

Listing below few best SEO Practices to rank your website on Google search.

Top 10 SEO Techniques for your website ranking

1. Role of Title Tag in SEO
Title of your page plays an important role in SEO.  You can make your title in such a way that it has keywords also. The title also plays an important role on telling search engines about your page. Title tag should not be same in all the pages. It should be unique for all the pages

The main benefit of title tag is that the search engine checks the keywords it carries when someone makes a search.

The maximum length should be 50-60 words in title. The title should have primary keyword followed by primary keyword and then the brand name.
2. Meta Description
Meta keywords and description also plays good role in SEO. The description plays am important role in taking user from the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) to the post by clicking the description. But the description should be interesting one to prompt user to click it.

The maximum length of words in meta description should be up to 160 words and not be duplicated.
3. Use of Heading Tags
Heading tags are used to create headers on a page. These HTML headings play an important role in gaining traffic and is one of the best practice of SEO.

The main heading should come in H1 tag and a page should have only one H1 tag. The sub headings could come in H2, H3… H6 depending upon the kind relevance.
4. Use of keywords in Content
The content system a very important role and should be well written. It should contain the keywords you gave used in your title. The content should not be copy pasted and in more than one place. Google can penalize you if your content is repeated at different places.

You can use a keyword upto 4 times in your content and not more than that.
5. Internal Linking
When you give a link of your post inside any other post, this is called internal linking. This also plays an important role in SEO. It helps to strengthen the keyword of the linked page internally.
6. Quality of Content
The content should be neat and clean and well formatted. Use bullet points as they are more readable. Also put only 3 lines in one paragraph to make it more clear and clean. If content is not good, no one would come back to your website while returning visitors also play a good role in bringing your website on search results.
7. Alt Tags in Images
All the images used in a post should have “at” tag which should be the relevant one. The Google and other search engines especially read these alternatives rags rather than reading images. Alt tags see important for accessibility to read through screen readers.

Name of your image should also be kept keeping keywords in your mind and avoid using non-alpha characters in the name of images.
8. Presence on Social Media
Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such platforms help in exchanging links and information provided by your website to the world. It is very important to leave your links in the highly ranked websites so that your website gains the high quality of back links.
9. Guest Blogging
This is one more way of marketing your content. You can write on some website and leave the link of your content page there. But remember the topic should be relevant with the link you give and the website where you are guest blogging should have good ranking and not poorly ranked.
10. Power of Google Questionhub and
You can find questions asked by people on different topics on google’s question hub and So, In choose any question asked related to your niche and write an answer there. You need to write a good quality of content there, and in the end can leave the link of your website article there.
You can find the search queries or topcs on Google’s Questionhub and write an article based on that.

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