Do you know Japan’s Bicycle Traffic Rules?

Are you also planning to travel Japan? Or already staying there but not aware of its bicycle traffic rules?

No worries, we are here to let you aware of them.

Since every country has its own traffic rules which are compulsory to follow, otherwise penalty is imposed if not followed them.

Likewise, Japan government has also made traffic rules, under the Road Traffic Act, for all the vehicles running on the road, including pedestrians which they have to follow, and have set penalties for breaking them.

bicyle rules japan

So if you are also planning to visit Japan then know in advance few of the traffic rules below that Japan has made for bicycle riders.

  • Not to ride on pedestrian sidewalks
    Pedestrian sidewalks are the areas of road reserved for people on foot. Many times, two-wheelers use this reserved space for them to save time and rush or in going wrong side to avoid jam. According to Japanese traffic rules, this place is restricted to pedestrians only and no bicycle rider is allowed to use it. But this is exceptional for those who are under 13 years, above 70 years or have a disability of any type.
  • Keep on left
    When you are riding bicycles, stick on the left of the road to avoid going in the center or the wrong side. Many people ride in between on the roads to avoid the time, but this call accidents. The rule came into force since December 2013 and violating this could result into 30 days prison or a fine of ¥20,000.
  • Drinking and Riding- strictly No!!
    Anyone found under the influence of alcohol while bicycle riding, could face a sentence of up to five years in prison or fine of ¥1,000,000.
  • Keep your hands on handle
    As per this rule, one should not carry any umbrella, cell phone or hand off the handle and anyone found violating this law could face a fine of ¥500,000.
  • Turning on lights in night
    It is compulsory to turn on lights if riding at night in the headlamp along with a bell. You could be stopped by a traffic police even if do not have a bell on your bicycle.These are few of the traffic rules which we have mentioned but if have found any such interesting traffic rules anywhere in the world, then please write in the comment box.

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