How not to hurt during exercise in cold?


Doing exercise is always important, no matter how intensive it is, also it does not matter if it is summers or winters.

Exercising keep body weight and BMI in proportions along with other health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar etc.

But there are few things which one needs to follow while starting an exercise, and more importantly if it is cold and you have determined to workout.

How to exercise in cold? How to reduce chances of getting hurt while doing exercise? These are the type of questions one gets in mind if plan to exercise.

To know, what all rules need to be followed in cold or winter seasons, let’s read all below.

  1. First thing first is that if you have any medical problems or recovering from an illness, then take permission and guidance from a medical practitioner first.  It becomes very important if you are suffering with Asthma or any other breathing problems.
  2. Wear warm and comfortable clothes throughout the exercise session, and after completing exercise do not put off clothes all of a sudden, and also do not take bath right away as this can make you sick.
  3. Wear right size and quality of shoes while doing jogging or running, as most of the pressure falls on ankles and foot, so shoes and socks matter a lot.
  4. If it is too cold outside, then it is advisable to exercise inside only. If recovering from some illness then start with small steps climbing or stair climbing. Doing 20 minutes of stair climbing is a very good exercise otherwise.
  5. You can use terrace as your jogging ground if it is not possible to go to some jogging park. The aim of any workout is to tire yourself and sweat more, and that can be done while staying at home also if the weather conditions do not allow you to go outside.
  6. If anytime you feel dizzy or loose of breath then don’t be surprised. It is very common situation and happens when one exercises in cold; relax and take rest for a while.
  7. Never go unplanned and do not think that you get up and start doing exercise any time. Everything needs to be in a planned manner and start with small little exercise like small steps of walking or climbing stairs, and then increase your level of exercise.
  8. The body muscles are not very flexible during cold and it takes a lot of time to make your body cold and warm. So do some warm-up exercises first to prepare you for any exercise. Also, do the same after finishing your exercises also as this reduces the chances of your muscle damage.

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