How to take care of dogs

Dogs are one of the best social and friendly animal, and also very loyal at the same time. They they are like kids and like them need love and your attention.

dog care

Dogs are quick earner and grasp things very easily. Its not very difficult to train them and take care of them as they get trained and adjusted very easily.

Owing a dog is a very heart-warming and lovely experience but for that we need to follow few things to keep them happy. Here are few things you can do to keep your dogs happy.

1. Take your pet for a walk
Everyone loves to go outside and the same thing applies to your pets also. Dogs do not like to stay all the time at home just like we all do. So take out some time out for your dog and let him meet and make new friends on the road. You yourself would see the changes in the behavior of his.

2. Give training
Dogs are very friendly and are considered as very fast learners. If given training, they can learn very fast and become obedient if not already. You can contact a certified pet trainer who can tell you how to make your pet obey you and learn new things easily.

3. Bathing and self care
One should try to give a bath to the pet twice or thrice a month. Not all dogs are water friendly but doing so can clean them and make them more cleaner and healthier. Dogs feel fresh and more active if given regular baths

4. Nourishing diet
Dogs requirement for food vary according to the age and weather conditions. When choosing food for them, consider their energy level and age factor. Few of the healthier choices of foods are oatmeal, green beans, pumpkin, peanut butter etc. Many ready to eat food items are also available easily in market.

5. Stay calm and composite
Treat and create such atmosphere around your pets as you prefer for yourself. So do not create noisy and anxious environment around them. Also, keep them away from crackers or such disturbance that can disturb your pets.

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