Short Stay in London: London Service Apartments Guide

No doubt London is one the most happening and vibrant tourist and business cities in the world. It’s the Capital city of United Kingdom and is a rich blend of heritage and culture. The beautiful people of this country speakĀ  around 300 languages.

Many people throughout the world fly to London daily for business, education, travel or tourism or other purposes. The city has best scenes and tourist places to visit for.

Planning to visit London

Are you also planning to visit London for a short or extended trip but worrying about the accommodation there? London has many hotels that can give you a long luxurious comfortable stay. Many people are lucky enough to have their friends or relative already staying there, that can cut your cost of staying at least.

london-serviceBut, what about those who are new or first time visitor there and seeking accommodation for a shorter duration. Though, London has many hotels but they are expensive also at the same time, and do not give home like feeling. In such cases, one can opt for short stay apartments . These apartments are suitable for those who are on short duration stay for a small business meetings or tourism purposes.

What are Short Stay Apartments

Short stay apartments are the one which let their property on rent for a shorter duration, a few weeks to fewer months only. These are best alternative to an expensive hotel if one is going to stay for a shorter duration.

One can find various best alternatives in London for stay in the form of these apartments. These Apartments are usually spacious and give good cooking options.

London has many short stay apartments which are better than any other big hotel. These London short stay apartments have extra space to relax and will make your stay the remember able one. Short stay apartments are beautifully furnished with appliances and items like crockery, electrical goods, telecommunication facilities, air-conditioning, Television, towels etc.

What are the Key Benefits of Short Stay Apartments

In recent time, the demand for such apartments has increased a lot in London, all because of the benefits they give on low budgets. Many corporate organizations prefer these kinds of staying option for their staff on short durationstay.

Generally, these apartments are like common houses only and make you feel living like a local. You will get your separate cooking area unlike hotels, a spacious bedroom and living room which you will not get in expensive hotels.

These are more of like houses unlike hotels, and built-in between people so one has flexibility in terms of choosing the location.

  1. Own cooking facilities unlikeservice-apartments-omilight hotels where you can not cook in your room
  2. Comparatively cheaper than hotels
  3. Separate Living room and bedroom
  4. Own cleaning services or hired maid
  5. Internet facilities
  6. One has flexibility of choosing apartment place as per own preference


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Short stay apartments are less expensive and provide hotel like facilities. If you are also planning to visit London or other country then try short stay rental apartments this time.

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