Meet the “Security Princess” of Google

Parisa Tabriz – is a name which is not new in Google hackers, but may be for many who are not aware of this powerful hacker. So for them, we want to mention that Parisa Tabriz is leading a team of hackers in Google and spends a lot of time with her team to check out weaknesses in Google Chrome, an official browser of Google.

Tabriz and her team of Google hackers spend time to find flaws in Chrome browser before other hackers round the world find these weaknesses.

Parisa Tabriz

Parisia is also known as “Security Princess” in Google.  There is also an interesting story behind how she got the tile. She tells that in one of her visit to Japan, she needed business cards to handover during professional introductions tradition in the country. She tells Malone, “A couple of people had ‘hired hacker’, but I liked to one-up people. I thought it was cured, Some people in other parts of the industry, they introduce themselves as like, ‘vice president,’ with all of these certifications. I could not give a shit. You could be Code Monkey Number 507, but if you are doing cool stuff, I am much more interested in talking to you than to who ever’s senior vice president.” So she introduced herself as Security Princess to the professionals.

She leads in hacking, but not happy with the way some hackers give the profession a bad name. According to her, she is trying her bit to change this impression and mentoring under-16s children at a yearly computer science conference in Las Vegas. The children participating in “DEFCON” are taught how to “hack-for-food“.


  • Parisa was born in 1981 and is a child of mixed cultures, her father is Iranian and mother is Polish.
  • She did her Bachelors and Masters from the University of Illinois. No one can believe that the lead in Google Giant had not touched the computer until her first year of Computer Engineering in college, the University of Illinois.
  • Parisa did research in wireless networking security and joined Google just after few month of completing Graduation.


  • She is included in “30 under 30” list of Forbes.
  • She is working with Google as “Security Princess” and leads the team of hackers responsible for Chrome security and its flows.
  • In the latest edition of Elle Magazine, Claire Malone writes, “She’s only 31, one of the rare women in hacking circles, and the furthest thing from the antisocial tech-whix stereotype, and it is easy to see why Tabriz is on  a rapid upward trajectory.”


  • In an interview, Tabriz told how she was inspired by the story of John Draper- know as Captain Crunch, who was working as a US Air Force radar technician. In the late 1960’s Captain discovered how making free long distance calls using a toy whistle only if packaged in boxes of Cap’n Crunch cereal. He discovered that the whistles could produce sound frequencies of near about 2600 hertz, and this much frequency was used at the time by the United State’s biggest telecommunication network to make international calls.
  • Another incident, she recalled, how in her days of college her website got hacked by some hackers, and they hacked not only all her intellectual life but social life as well. That was the time in 2000 when Internet Explorer, Apache and Netscape were ruling the web and were dominant browsers. This made Tabriz to introduce early to the dynamic of being the single woman in a room full of men talking about computers.


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Parisa Tabriz is the "Security Princess" of Google to look after security and flows of Chrome browser and leads the team of hackers there.

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