November 11 – World Origami Day


November 11 is celebrated as Origami Day. It was originally started in Japan which is famous for making complex shapes out of square pieces of paper.

Using papers to give shapes open doors of imagination for the kids. Japanese have been using this art since a very long time. They started using it for various religious ceremonies. Japanese are famous for creating intricate shapes with the help of just square shape papers.

The word “Ori” means to fold and “kami” means paper which is spellt as “Gami” in Japanese.

Origami sheets are famous for making craft items in schools and colleges. Students use multi-color origami sheets to give shapes of living or non-living items.

Origami art was originated in Japan in the sixth century but was not so famous in the world. This is by the 17th century only, that origami became popular and used for commercial purposes along with religious ceremonies.

Kids make shapes out of origami sheets and this develops the power of imagination in them.

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