Daily Skin Care Routine for a Beautiful Skin

Best Skin care tips

Skin is the largest gland of human body.

It is very sensitive and gets affected by daily exposure of sun, dust and pollution. It becomes essential for everyone to follow some skin cleansing and toning steps, in order to revitalize it only daily basis.

If you follow the following steps on regular basis, then you can get back the lost glow of your skin

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Basic steps are:

(1)  The hydration of skin is utmost important, and what could be better than water for this. Take warm water, first thing in the morning to start with your day. Also, take at least 8-9 glasses of water daily. Our body is made up of 75% of water which is needed for the circulation of food, blood etc. inside the body. We lose a lot of water while working out, exercise, sweating, so it becomes important to make up that water loss in the body.

(2) Second step is cleaning your face. For this, use any face wash that you like or any soap that suits your skin. If you have sensitive skin, choose soaps appropriately or avoid them completely and rather use multani mutti. Multani mutti has best cooling properties and cleanse the pores completely.

Readymade cleansers are also available in the market for any skin type. Cleansing opens the pores of the skin. You can use condensed milk also for cleaning of skin. This is one of the cheapest and best home based tip

(3) After cleansing, comes exfoliating. Market is full of exfoliates that come in tube form. You can add some salt and sugar to milk, and rub it with fingers. This will remove the dead cells and your skin will glow

(4) After cleaning and exfoliating, your skin is ready for moisturizer. There are oil based and non-oily moisturizers available in the market. If you have dry skin then go with oil based and if have oily then avoid oily ones.
These three steps should be followed daily. You can go for face packs one in a week. The face packs can be made add home in your own kitchen, like tomatoes, cucumber, boiled potatoes etc.

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What are the Benefits of Using Face Packs? 

(1) Face packs supply your skin with the minerals, nutrients that it might be lacking

(2) Face packs eaves your skin fresh and beautiful

(3) Some face packs are anti-fungal like one which is made up of neem. If you use face packs made of need, your spots can get reduced and also help in the prevention of pimples and spot reduction.

(4) Some packs made up of fruits like, papaya, banana, a large, lemon, orange have enzymes which remove the dead skin of your face and give a glow to it.

Your skin should be cleaned thoroughly before using any face packs on it. Also, let the face pack dry fully before removing it.

It is also advisable to exfoliate the skin before using face packs, as this can remove dead cells from the skin and prepare your skin for face packs.



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