Tips for healthy mind, body, heart for women

In todays cut throat competition and under family’s demands, a woman starts feel isolating and being ignored. She tries to give her 100%, but in return does not get much. The whole Family depends on her for breakfast, lunch, home care, etc… If she is working, then has to work round the clock office job and is also expected to give her best in home.about women health

We are listing below few tips for you, if you also have a job and a family to look after simultaneously.

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  1. Deep Breathing Exercises: Daily practice of Pranayam and yoga is very beneficial for mental peace and physical well being. If do not have much time, then just do At least 5 minutes of deep breathing also called Alternate Breathing (Anulom-Vilom). This energises Aura and will make you energetic and refresh in less time by taking off the negativity. You can do this anywhere, in office, car or travelling by public transport. But it will give more benefits if done in open air and greenery.
  2. Use of Amethyst Balls: Amethyst balls are semi precious crystal balls, you can use them or hang in your home. The sound of those call relax you and give nice feel.
  3. Follow Proper Hygiene: Bath twice a day and add some oil to bathing water so your body will not get dry and you will smell nice. Keep hair, nails and teeth clean and wear clean and tidy clothes.Wash your hands and foot before going to bed in night.
  4. Check what you eat: Eat fresh food and wholesome food only and always follow healthy food habits avoiding junk and stale food. Homemade cooked has more nutrients and should be prepared in peace and calm atmosphere for more benefits. Always keep handful of nuts ready with you to eat when hungry.
  5. Exercise Regularly: Always do some exercise; yoga or simple walk can be done if heavy exercises not possible. Exercise reduces stubborn fat and ward off stress and gives flexibility to body.You can go for a long walk also if have time. Walking has good impact on bones and body in long run as it prevents arthritis and sugar diseases.

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  6. Take plenty of water: Our two third bodies are made up of water, which gets used up during our daily routines and exercises. Water hydration and lack of sufficient water can cause fatigue and weakness. Take at least 2-3 liters of water daily, as water improves metabolisms and prevents constipation. Water cleanses skin and prevent and acne or pimples to occur.You can take warm water also first thing in the morning which will flush all the waste and prevent constipation.
  7. Good Night Sleep: Take a glass of warm milk before sleeping in night; this will help in peaceful sleep. Do not take any worries on to the bed as this can hinder your sleep. Use some aromatherapy oil like Leander at night. You can use the oil below your pillow during night if have troubled sleeping, this will help in sound sleeping. If the night sleep is good then the coming day will also be fresh. You can take oil massage also before bath which will rejuvenate and remove dry skin.Aroma oils can be used for head massage that can prevent dandruff, graying of hair and hair fall.

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Sleep on time and wake up early. This will manage your time effectively without any rush in last minutes. Also stay away from sour food like curd in night, as this can block the body channels thereby affecting digestion. It is always good to learn something new and adopt some habit like reading, blogging, cooking etc.

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The article is all about women health. We celebrate 8 march every year as international women day but what about rest of the days in year. A woman is the pillar of any family and she also deserves the best. A working woman gets pissed in between family and her family. She can follow tips in the article for her health and well being

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