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Discrimination is seen everywhere, be it on the basis of color, caste, religion or on the basis of gender.

Today, when there is so much growth seen in the world-wide in all the areas, still there is a gender based discrimination that tells the reality. I have seen many female employees who feel they are being targeted while working in any project, and if that project fails or gets any escalation from client.

One such incident I recently came to know happened with a working mom. She was hired in a project and being an analyst she left no stone unturned in completing the project along with jiggling between taking care of her family and kid.

Neither of the manager or any one was held responsible and she was made a scape-goat. Now she feels whether she should work or not as if she still works then the bugs could come as this is the part of any project, and if not then perhaps she could escape easily which is an easy thing as most professionals do this including managers.

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From the above instance, I feel whether this was good. Should being a working mom she should have been devoted extra hours and time in office to meet the strict deadlines and completing a project without extra resources while doing what another staff should have done?

May be this would be a new learning for her which she can take along her in new venture and as a experience which is good as she would be more careful in future. But what will happen to the managers and the old senior of the project. As there work would stay same always and the approach also. They would get another scapegoat in future but the company will never grow.

The growth of a company is never possible till the intelligent minds are managed by arrogant and fool managers.

Many people don’t tell straight forward if they are getting un-favorable treatment in office as they are afraid of getting bad reviews in appraisals and have a fear of losing jobs. But trust me, to have a healthy heart, telling on the face is the best thing in a long run that you can do your mental and physical health.

A company does not know what happens in the management as the people do not have guts to come up with the frank views. They rather leave company but this would affect the company’s growth as the person who should have been kicked out of the team is still inside the team and eating it like a termite. The time is not far away when the company would be no longer in the market, and thanks to those managers.

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