Why we Should not Drink Tea or Coffee in Plastic Cup?


Do you also take coffee or tea in plastic cups or use straw to drink coffee? Or, do you use food which is packed in polythene?

If yes, shun this habit of yours as otherwise you are going to suffer with serious kidney, liver diseases or even cancer like problems.

The government has also banned use of plastic in many places because it is not recyclable and causes pollution to the earth in many ways.

I was very comfortable and happy drinking tea in plastic cup during my breaks in office until something was disclosed to me.

It all happened in a break time like any other normal days. I was in a queue waiting to make a cup of tea for me. There was a heap of plastic cups for the office staff that one normally can take to make coffee or tea. But most of the people were not using them. I went towards the heap and picked up one for me to make a tea for myself. I prepared a cup of tea and started moving to a seat over there.

One of my co-worker saw me with a surprise, like I would have done a very big sin. She asked with astonishment as why I was drinking in a plastic cup and told me its harms.  She told me that these plastic cups have wax and taking hot drinks in them can cause cancer. This was so horrific that I immediately made my heart to stop drinking tea in plastic cups.

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But i did a little research also online and offline on the use of plastic cups. I found that not only plastic cups but straws are also as harmful as them because they are also made up of Bisphenol chemical that is responsible for cancer like diseases.


I also searched if they are so harmful then why the market is full with them.

Side Effects of using Plastic Cups or Straws for Hot Drinks

  1. The plastic used in the manufacturing of these plastic cups is made of Bisphenol A(BPA) and Polypropylene. When the hot liquid is used inside these plastic cups, the heat produced by the liquid also heats up these chemicals
  2. The chemicals thus released with the hot liquid cause obesity, on set puberty and cancers also many times
  3. BPA directly affects the harmones in our body causing disorder in reproduction and brain development. It also affects the Alfa cells responsible for the production of insulin in pancreas. Therefore, presence of this chemical in body can affect glucose levels in our body
  4. Even if these plastic cups washed with hot water, the released BPA content can be found in cold liquids also if used in these cups
  5. The tests were performed on the people who used plastic cups for hot liquids. And, it was found that in 95 percent of those people, high BPA content was found in the urine.
  6. The high BPA content could be very dangerous in pregnant woman and her unborn child. It can lead to breast cancer in women using the chemical and many times miscarriages also
  7. The high BPA content cause prostate cancer and reduce sperm production. Thus, it causes infertility in males as well
  8. It impacts immunity power of our body
  9. A person having high BPA content can be found aggressive and hyper active
  10. The plastic cups being used for hot liquids do not recycle completely due to chemicals present in them and thus causes pollution


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