Why we Should not Drink Tea or Coffee in Plastic Cup?


Why we Should not Drink Tea or Coffee in a Plastic Cup?

Do you also take coffee or tea in plastic cups or use straws to drink liquids?

Or, do you use food which is packed in polythene?

If yes, shun this habit of yours, as otherwise, you are possibly going to suffer with serious kidney, liver diseases or even cancer like problems in near future.

Like many others, I was also not aware that plastic comes in many forms and could be harmful for health.

We have a separate article on the various types of articles, that you can check know the type of plastic.

Plastic Use – Know Type of Your Plastics

What is Plastic made of and its different Types?

It is proved that not only plastic cups but straws are also equally harmful, as they are also made up of Bisphenol chemical that is responsible for spreading cancer like diseases. One of the main disadvantage of plastic is that it is non-recyclable, so is harmful to the Mother nature.

Side Effects of using Plastic Cups or Straws for Hot Drinks

  1. The plastic which is used in the manufacturing of plastic cups is made with Bisphenol A(BPA) and Polypropylene which are chemicals. When we use these cups to drink hot liquid, the heat produced by them heats up the above chemicals which often upsets your stomach.
  2. The chemical reaction between hot liquids and plastic cups can cause obesity, on-set puberty and cancer like diseases many times.
  3. BPA directly affects our body harmones causing disorder in reproduction and brain development. It also affects the Alfa cells responsible for the production of insulin in pancreas. Therefore, presence of such chemicals in our body can affect glucose level.
  4. Plastic cups, when washed with hot water are equally harmful. If after washing with hot liquids we use them to have cold liquids, still they can harm us.
  5. The results of tests conducted in people using plastic cups for hot liquids, revealed that 95% of them have high BPA content in their urine.
  6. The high BPA content could be very dangerous in pregnant woman and her unborn child. It can lead to breast cancer in women using the chemical and may result into miscarriages also.
  7. The high BPA content causes prostate cancer and reduce sperm production. Thus, it causes infertility in males as well.
  8. High BPA content in plastic cups reduces immunity power of our body.
  9. A person having high BPA content is aggressive and hyper active.
  10. The plastic cups being used for hot liquids do not recycle completely due to chemicals present in them and this causes plastic pollution.


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