Ankit Kesari died after collision on field

What is worse than a sportsman dying on the field of Sports and that also then when he is young and having aspiring dreams in the eyes. The same thing happened with the Twenty-Year-Old Bengal Cricketer Ankit Kesri, who died at the age of twenty only due to the collision with another teammate, Mandal in an attempt to take a catch.

Ankiwa kesari was in hospital  for the last three years and was also showing signs of recovering and had started taking normal food orally but got heart attack early in the morning.

Ankit Kesri was one of the best promising batsman and was hoping to play in Ranji matches in coming years. The collision with his teammate, caused him haemorrhage and brain swelling. The incident reminded us of the on-field death of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes, who was hit on his back by a short ball bounced by the bowler Sean Abott last November.

Ankit who was born on 28th October 1994 was not in the eleven players in the match and was included as the 12th player in the match but had gone to replace another player who had taken a break.

Sachin Tendulkar tweets

Another teammate of Ankit, Shiv Sagar Singh narrated the incident and told that Ankit had fallen down on the ground and became breathless after the collision and his eyes were rolled up. Shiv gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation which made Ankit reviving again. He was rushed to AMRI hospital in an ambulance that was parked near the dressing room without any delay.

Anil Kumble tweets and expressed his views:

The hospital carried out MRI and CT Scan tests but they showed no sign of hemorrhage. The doctors suggested the family to take two more tests to check the condition properly- MRI Angiography and Carotin Dropller as he had developed fever and was feeling drowsy also. Ankit’s family but shifted him to another hospital, Nightingale Hospital  for a better treatment after signing a ‘discharge on risk bond’ agreement.

Tweet of Saurav Ganguly:

Former Bengal Under-19 cricket captain’s condition deteriorated around 2am in the morning which was followed by cardiac arrest. Doctors provided the temporary pace maker but that also could not save him and he died as a result of arrest. The doctors at Nightangle said that Ankit had fever which was due to haemorrhage  but AMRI doctors did not tell such thing.

The family of Ankit is angry on AMRI doctors and believe their son had been a victim of wrong treatment and moreover he was not admitted to ICI even though had got sustained injuries in brain.

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