Blogging क्या है? क्या Blog से पैसे कमाना Possible है?

If you are also looking for “Earning with Blogging and know more  about it”, you have landed on the correct place. We would tell you all about blogging concept and the way you can earn money with it. But for this stay tune with us till the end of this article. blogging earning is possible

Does Blogging exist in real life also?

Suppose your friend wants to buy a new smartphone  but not sure which brand to go with. He comes to you for your suggestions. Being a tech savvy you have good knowledge in gadgets and have shared your tech knowledge in the past also amongst your friends and helped them while buying a gadget. This time also you helped your friend in buying a phone by telling pros and cons of the different smart phones. So, in real life we get information from each other which are like keywords and seek information rather than going to online. This type of information when is available online, it is called Blogging.

What is Blogging?

When we place a keyword in the search box on the websites like, etc., these websites return some results based on the keywords. And, when you click on the information it lands you to another website that offer information matching your queries. So, that website where you get the information is called the Blog. And the information provided by the blog is called Blogging.

क्या Blog से पैसे कमाना Possible है?

We can earn with blogging also. Due to this only more and more people are turning to be bloggers. The best advantage of blogging is you dont need to go anywhere. If you are a housewife, you can just start writing and sharing information with your friends also. For example, if you are good in cooking, you can select ‘Cooking’ as niche and start your cooking blog. Once If you are a beginner and do not know how to start blogging, no worries, just click Blogging Tips for Beginners. You can increase your business also with blogging by creating your business website or sharing your information via your blogs. You can write a book or run a course also and send your readers also. Online ebooks are good way to create a good audience and start earning also. Blogging helps to grow more audience and you can become a public speaker also to share your information with the world. There are many online ways like putting google adsense, affiliate marketing etc. which can help you earn extra revenue. But for everything you need to get a lot of audience for your blog.   This article is originally published on

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