Can Artificial Intelligence help reform Indian Juidiciary?

It was a normal newspaper that is published daily and we read daily. What was new about it today that took my complete attention towards its news?

It was a news article column published in Editorial section with title, “Can artificial intelligence help reform Indian courts”? The title seems to be catchy enough to draw anyone’s attention towards itself. Reason being, the judiciary which is considered to be “blind” as it is totally based on facts, is somewhat seeking towards experimenting with artificial intelligence.

Many people are not aware with artificial intelligence. It is intelligence which is not inherit or inborn but rather imparted or can say implemented based on the data available and the training in the algorithm and other techniques which are there in the programming. It helps in providing results which are normally not able to get with naked eyes.  Or you can say predicting something unpredicted or seeing something unseen is artificial intelligence. This is my definition, as everyone can have his own.

So, as per the report published in the newspaper, the new Chief Justice of India, SA Bobde has expressed the desire to use AI in the court room. He talked with the experts of the Supreme Court of India, to determine avenues for deploying AI in the courts.

How AI can be helpful in court rooms?

  1. It can improve the efficiency of judges and laywers
  2. Judges can get precise answers to their queries in a bail application. It can use the case query tool that can give results more precisely based on the training models run on it.

Challenges in obtaining AI in court rooms

  1. Machine learning is nothing without big data. So, it is a big challenge to obtain a large collection of data and utilizing it.
  2. It is not possible to provide all the big data available for machine learning algorithm due to privacy restriction. Not every data can be made available as it is more of a legal question.

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