Dental Myths and Facts in Society-by Dr. Sushma Sharma(Dhiman)

We asked few questions on dental myths and facts to Dr. Sushma Sharma who is a Medical Practitioner and has Masters in Dental surgery (Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics)


According to Dr. Sushma Sushma, ignorance and illiteracy dwells myths and which lacks any scientific basis. Most of the time people inherit these myths from their earlier generation, and do not forget to pass them to the next generation.  Though people are becoming more and more inclined to think rationally and logically, but still these myths are rooted deeper inside.

List of such dental myths is long but here we asked and she explained few, most commonly prevalent myths in society.

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  1. Myth 1: I will loose my eyesight if I get my tooth pulled outside.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma: Its one of the most asked questions asked to a dentist, and is actually a myth. Let me tell you, tooth extraction is nothing to do with your eyesight. Teeth and eyes have two different and independent nerve supplies. Removing upper, or any tooth for that matter has no effect  on a person’s vision.
  2. Myth 2: Dental treatment is always painful.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Dentistry has evolved a long way. Potent local anaesthetic and high speed drills with less vibration has made dentistry not only comfortable but painless too.
  3. Myth 3: My teeth will become loose after cleaning
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    There may be temporary increase in tooth mobility which is due to the damage already done by dental plaque but eventually teeth get firmer as plaque removal prevents gum diseases  and dental caries.In fact, dental cleaning will stop further damage and your teeth will eventually start to feel firmer. In fact, in severe gum diseases with extensive bone loss, the teeth may become so loose that they are only held together by the tartar.So ,its natural the calculus removal shall increase mobility.
  4. Myth 4: Rubbing an aspirin directly on your affected teeth can alleviate pain.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Well, don’t do this, it can lead to a pretty bad acid burn on your cheeks and gums and can actually make your enamel decay worse.
  5. Myth 5: Swelling caused by painful teeth should be fermented with hot water.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:  
    Hot water will increase the swelling even more.
  6. Myth 6: No need of regular dental checkup without problem
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    No matter how good you are taking care of your teeth,six months visit to your dentist should be included in your routine.
  7. Myth 7: Occasional tooth pain, not to worry about it.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:  
    One of the earliest signs of tooth decay is sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet. So, don’t ignore the signs. Occasional tooth problem may be indicating more serious underlying dental problem.
  8. Myth 8: An artificial set of teeth or complete denture that is made once is forever.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Everything comes with a life  time so as your denture too. Your denture is sitting on your jaw bone,which like any other bone,with age, tend  to change shape , so it is recommended that an artificial set of the teeth or a complete denture should be made again after 5 years.
  9. Myth 9: Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Exaggerated levels of Pregnancy hormones make a woman more susceptible to gum diseases, so a routine checkup is recommended even during pregnancy for cleaning and fillings.The safest time period for the interceptive dental treatment is from the last period of first trimester to the first week of third trimester, generally second trimester of pregnancy is considered safest of all. Local anesthetics and X-rays are okay although they are to be done only when necessary.
  10. Myth 10: Women loose a tooth for each child they have given birth to.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    After my son was born, elderly ladies used to advice ” Don’t brush your teeth for atleast one month, your teeth will fall down”. Myth is that fetus take calcium from your teeth. The fetus does not take calcium from its mother’s teeth.
  11. Myth 11: More you brush the whiter your teeth will be.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Excess of everything is bad. Over-brushing the teeth is not going to help you in anyway, it is going to  wear your  teeth due to the abrasive property of toothpaste.This can lead to dental hypersensitivity and yellowing of teeth.
  12. Myth 12: Avoid brushing, if your gums bleed.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Regular brushing and flossing is necessary. Absistence of oral hygiene aids shall deteriorate condition. You may require professional cleaning too.
  13. Myth 13: Bleaching (“whitening”) my teeth will damage my enamel.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:
    Present day bleaching materials will not damage your enamel. But have few contraindications : sensitive teeth, exposed roots, unfilled cavities, broken fillings, those under age 21, and pregnant or lactating women.
  14. Myth 14: General body health and oral health are not related.
    Dr. Sushma Sharma:  
    Your oral cavity is the gateway of good health. Your mouth harbour bacterias when you have poor oral hygiene, enter into bloodstream via bleeding gums.

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