Scientific Reasons Behind Chatth Festival

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Chhath festival is one of the greatest and widely celebrated festival in India. It is majorly celebrated in the eastern parts of India. It holds great value and health benefits.

7 Scientific Benefits of Chhath Festival

1. Revitalisation of Whole Body
Chhath Puja is a conscious Photo-energization process. With the body purified by prescribed methods of fasting, the vratti (devotee) stand in water (navel deep) thus rejuvenating the nervous system.

Praying before the rising/setting sun, the photons enter through the eyes and the skin of the vratti (devotee). These pass through the brain, and generate a bio-electricity which charge the entire body with the solar energy.

The entire process of Chhath is divided into 6 scientific stages of Conscious Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion Technique (Conscious Photoenergization Process).

Stage 1:  Fasting and the discipline of cleanliness leads to detoxification of the body and mind. This stage prepares the body and mind of the Vratti (devotee) to receive the cosmic solar energy.

Stage 2: Standing in a water body with half the body (navel deep) in the water minimizes the leak of energy and helps the prana (psychic energy) to move up the sushumna (psychic channel in the spine).

Stage 3: Cosmic Solar Energy enters the Vratti’s pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands (Triveni complex) through retina and optic nerves.

Stage 4: Activation of Triveni (tri-glandular complex) Pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus

Stage 5: A kind of Polarization of happens in the spine, which results in the Vratti’s gross and subtle bodies getting transformed into a cosmic powerhouse. This can also lead to the awakening of the latent psychic energy popularly known as the Kundalini Shakti.

Stage 6: The body of Vratti (devotee) becomes a channel, which conducts, recycles and transmits the energy into the entire universe.

2. Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion

Bodies of all living organisms is constantly in exchange of energy from surroundings. Similarly, when human is exposed to solar radiations of specific wavelengths. The solar bio-electricity starts flowing, resulting  in Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion. In Chhath puja, devotees are supposed  to absorb the energy needed for sustenance directly from the sun, instead of taking it indirectly through food and water. This is similar to scientific process used by the Rishis of yore for carrying their austerities without any intake of solid or liquid diet.

Recipe of Thekua Eaten in Chhath Festival

3. Immune Boosting Effect

Solar energy increases the flow of solar bio-electricity that improves the overall functionality of the human body. The solar energy during this period is absorbed by the blood stream that improves the function of the white blood cells, cells forming defense line of body.

Some also believe that Chhath Puja helps eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the body–thus preparing one for the onset of the winter season.

4. Elimination of Dosha

When the spectrum of sun rays refract through the water, it breaks down into seven colours. The energy emanating from these rays of different colours is absorbed by the body, and balances any dosha in the body. As a result we automatically gain ‘water therapy of sun rays.’ On the health front, this improves eye-sight and mind power.

5. Spiritual Enlightenment

Chhath Puja is beneficial for mental health too. Pooja rituals can invoke calmness  in the mind by removing negative energies (jealousy, anger, and other negative emotions)away from the body. With patience & sincere practice, other psychic powers like healing, intuition and telepathy are awakened.

6. Benefits of Fasting

Rituals and Significance of Chhath Pooja (Pratihar) Festival

Fasting triggers insulin secretion in body which absorbs glucose in blood more effectively. Also, Metabolism is improved.

7. Increase in Calcium Absorption

Sun rays can trigger the synthesis  of Vitamin D in skin ring this period is directly linked to the absorption of Calcium. All food consumed during this period is high in calcium, natural calcium, which requires vitamin D for proper absorption.

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