How to Make Easier Writing Difficulties Faced by Left Handed Kids?


Left-handed kids do face many problems in day-to-day life. There are many things used everyday that have a right-handed bias. Though list is long, some basic and routine tasks and tools like Bottle caps, vegetable peelers, shoe tying, learning dance-steps, serrated knives, craft scissors, musical instruments, chair desks, computer keyboards and mouse cause pose difficulty to left-handed kid.

Issue of left-handedness has been overlooked in our education system. Their requirements are not being met at schools. Being in a profession that demands manual dexterity, I have seen many left-handed students struggling to get right access to the patient’s mouth, sometimes they do it at the cost of comfortable posture, often lead to body fatigue.

Writing and Faulty Writing Posture of Left-Handed People

Writing is the biggest hurdle for a south paw kid. A right-handed person writes from left to right which is natural. Left-handed kids write from right to left, their hand covers the page thereby obscuring the view of what they have just written. Also, as the left-handed kid drags hand across the freshly written letters, smudges the writing.

Many left-handed kid hook themselves and meet hand and body positions which may be awkward and uncomfortable which may hinder the full range motion of arm. Consequently this causes left-handed children to be slower, more . These children tend to get fatigued easily after prolonged hours of writing.

Letters such as b, d, p, and q are often reversed due to the circles that are involved in the creation of the letters. Reversals could be found in writing other figures.

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How to Make Writing Easier for Left-Handed Kids?

Which teaching a left-handed Hand kid four most important things to take into account to increase efficiency and neatness  is correct tool for writing, correct grip, exact paper placement and comfortable posture

Buy Left-Handed Stationery 

Provide your left-handed kid with stationery specific for left hand usage , choosing stationary meant for  right-handed people may leave your kid in frustration. Buy smudge proofs pens or quick-dry ink pens and pencils or left-handed scissors. Switch the settings on computers to make a mouse or cursor more lefty-friendly.

Correct  Pencil or Pen Grip

Usually we hold pen or pencil with index finger and thumb, resting it on the middle finger, called as Tripod grip. Though difficult, left-handed children should be encouraged to use the tripod grip. Tripod grip not only strengthens the wrist but  aids  in dynamic finger movements. This will make it easier to control the pen as they get older. Hold the pen with a relaxed grip. Hold your pencil about the width of your thumb from the point.

Paper Positioning 

Rotate paper clockwise, with the top left corner higher than the top right, or moving the paper to the left as child writes. Position should be such on chair or desk that leaves more space on the left of the table to rest arm.

Comfortable Body Posture 

Back should be kept straight without being leaning forward or resting head on the desk. Hold hand in a relaxed position. Wrist should be kept straight while writing without putting extra pressure on your fingers. Hand should be placed below the line of  writing so that your kid  can see what he/ she is  doing.

Do not forget to tell them they are unique

Don’t let your left-handed child feel left out in the world full of right-handed people. Assure your child that they are unique, only 10 % of world’s population is left-handed!
Encourage your child, so that your child can develop left-hand skills for writing and playing sports.

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