11 October – Celebrated as World Girl Child Day

girl child day 11 october

Every year, 11 October is celebrated as International day of Girl Child. The day tries to raise concerns about the concerns that a girl child faces in the society.

Even though the educational and job opportunities have increased many fold for girls but still there are many discrepancies and orthodox believes which create hurdles for her many times.

In many countries like India, the birth of a girl child is seen as a taboo and especially if she is the first born child in a family. Many families hesitate to spread the news of birth and make any celebrations also. They consider it a curse if a girl is born.

What If I Want My First Child To Be A Girl?

Taking care of household, babies and parents is often a girls responsibility from society point of view. And, a boy is supposed to earn and run his family needs. In many countries like India, still birth of a girl is seen as a taboo and people often hesitate to share the news of birth of a girl to the society. They consider it to be a bad luck or last birth bad deeds done by them if a girl takes birth in the family.

First World Girl Child day observed

It was in the year 2012 the first World Girl Child day was observed.

Objective of International Girl Child day
The Girl child day was initiated with an objective to support a girl child cause for her well-being and grow in society.

Few of the objectives of Girl Child day are:

  1. Protesting minor girl marriage
  2. Sexual harassment of a girl
  3. Equal rights like her male counter-part
  4. Provision of equal to education
  5. Safety and services regarding puberty
  6. Avoid any kind of violence based on gender-based

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