5 Best Winning New Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020


As illustrated above, many strategies used in the past may still be effective in the coming year. Nevertheless, you should accept that as trends and technology evolve, the implementation of new strategies is very important. So what Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategies can you put in your arsenal?

Define and set your intentions:

Social media can accomplish important milestones for you with its reach but initially, a social media marketing strategy should be focused on brief goals and objectives.

Define a brief objective that you want to accomplish through social media, whether it is sales, brand awareness, promotional plans or customer service.

Identify Your Target Audience:

For a successful Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy, you need to identify who your audience is and what your services or products need.

Once you have the audience demographics, it will become easier to know the challenges and values of your audience. In this way, you can plan the way to convey your message and the way you interact with your audience.

A keen ear for his response:

Once you identify your audience, have a keen ear for their response. This will help you understand how you can improve according to their demands.

Instead of starting from scratch, explore the channels where your audience is already watching your brand and engaging with them on those channels.

5 Best New Social Media Marketing Strategies

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Immersive experiences are becoming more and more attractive to consumers. As a result, both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are increasingly being explored as marketing tools. Through either full immersion experiences that close the physical world (VR) or added to live view (AR) through digital elements, many brands are increasing audience engagement.Leveraging mobile cameras in this way can allow your potential customers to understand and experience your products, services, etc., as they really would. With what result? You can directly influence their purchase decisions, which will clearly benefit your business.If you haven’t already, it’s time to seriously consider how you can incorporate AR and VR into your social media marketing strategy to reach your goals in 2020.
  2. Live Streaming
    Of course, live streaming has been on the scene for a couple of years now. Nevertheless, it holds a rightful place in this list and deserves more of its attention.live-streamingWhy? Upwards of 80% of brand viewers prefer live video to blog posts and social posts. As videos, in general, continue to grow in popularity, you can be sure that preference will only be stronger. So starting overtime now, the focus is more heavily on, and master lives to stream.
  3. Vertical Video and Social TV
    Many social platforms are now emphasizing on vertical video as we use our phones most of the time anyway. This latest focus is something else on hand that is on the rise — goes hand in hand with social TV.vertical-videoAt the forefront of this trend is currently Instagram with the recent release of IGTV, which allows users to create channels and post long videos there. YouTube TV and Snap Origin are also similar forms of social TV, although they are not currently available to the public. Nevertheless, vertical and long-lasting videos are still worth your time to create, especially if you market your business via Instagram and are ready to give IGTV a try.
  4. Increased Humanization
    People react strongly to people. By humanizing your brand on social media, you can create your marketing strategy which is much more effective. How can you go about it? Of course, you should interact with followers as much as possible by responding to comments, using user-generated content and such. Those things have been encouraged for a long time.humanizationNevertheless, it is now more important than ever that you spotlight your team members and their stories, sign your social media posts, and connect each SMM effort back to your unique brand story.
  5. Chatbots
    Also on the lines of humanization is the use of chatbots, which no doubt will become more widespread on social media in the coming year. These bots can be used to initiate conversations, encourage unexpected sales, answer questions, and provide personalized customer service and support.

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