5 Signs Your Car is Dying

Repairing a car

Have you been using an old car hoping that it will stick around for a couple for years? Well, you are not alone! A lot of consumers hold on to cars that they should have said goodbye to long ago! You need not know everything about cars; however, if you are witnessing any of the warning signs mentioned herein then you should probably consider selling it off.

You are visiting car service more than ever

If you have been going for car service too frequently then it is a sure sign that something is wrong. Spending a lot on car repair doesn’t necessary mean that it will run perfectly. Even though you might think that sparing some bucks on repair would do the trick, it is not fruitful in the long run. As funnily mentioned by an automotive expert, if your car service has started sending you Christmas cards then it probably means that you have visited them more than required.

Your car needs a lot of oil

If your car is free of any leaks but has starting consuming a lot of oil then it signifies that your car is about to die. When the engine is tired and is not tight, it needs a lot more oil than usual. When the car gets old, the valve seals as well as the rings can get so hard that they can no longer hold the oil. It can get quite expensive to fix it. You can very well consider selling unwanted cars for cash in case it is in a really bad condition.

The peril of noisy engine

Most of the car sounds are pretty normal. However, an unexplained noise from your engine could be really scary, especially when it is coming from the inside of the engine. Fixing the issue certainly requires for the engine to be opened up, which is fairly expensive. A serious problem with the engine will leave you no other option than to replace it. So if you hear pesky noises from under your hood then watch out!

Problem with transmission

If you are driving a used car then it has got to have a lot of miles on it. In this case, poor transmission is a huge sign that you need to let your car go. If you feel like the car is simply beyond repair then you may also give it to Truck wreckers Adelaide. Considering fixing the transmission involves opening it up and rebuilding the entire thing. Your car slipping while shifting gears is an absolute sign of bad transmission and you should definitely take some action.


How many times has your car simply stranded you in the middle of nowhere making you feel miserable? Your car can seem to be overheated if the engine cooling system is not working right. It could also be due to a leaky hose. However, do not overlook this shocking sign as you might end up regretting driving that overheated car.

Thus, the above signs clearly imply that it is time to put your car into junk unless you want to spend a lot of money trying to repair it. You could also be facing issues with the battery and there could be something wrong with the fuel pump. It can be really tempting to try and fix the issue and avoid buying a new car. However, in the long run, it is best to discard the vehicle that no longer functions well and save yourself from the hassle of repairing it over and again.


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