5 Tips to Keep you Fit in Rains in Rainy Season

tips to stay fit in rains

Rainy season is the one which pours water everywhere with the onset of monsoon. But this also brings the growth of bacteria, viruses etc. which can make one suffer to diseases.

Many times it happens like you are dancing in rain and singing beautiful romantic songs, but after few hours you sneeze and feel sick of the wetness. You are worrying why it happened, without  knowing that the viruses and bacterias were also dancing with you in the rain !!!

This is why our grandmas and mothers would always ask us not to wet in the rain but we always gave them a deaf ear.

So, here we are giving you few tips to follow so that you do not fall sick inn the rains and remain fit always.

5 Tips to Keep you fit in Rains

  1. Keep Hydrated
    This is one of the best mantra in all the seasons. In rainy season especially, the humidity increases therefore, it becomes utmost important to have extra glasses of water. Do not wait for the moment you feel thirsty, just go and gulp an extra glass of water after every half or one hour.
  2. Wear dry cloths
    Keep your almirah clean and dry. Any moisture in clothes can lead to the breeding of fungus. It is advisable to iron all the cloths once they are dried. You can add naphthalene balls or neem leaves in your clothes to prevent the formation of fungus there.
  3. Stay Clean
    Always take a bath and especially clean your feet regularly. Our feet our more exposed to the rainy water which can cause fungal infections. Also, avoid the breeding of mosquitoes in the stagnant water. So avoid stagnant water and keep your cooler and nearby space clean.
  4. Diet in Rainy season
    Avoid spinach or leafy vegetables in rainy season as they are difficult to clean and carry germs when eaten in monsoons. Try seasonable vegetables like bitter gourd, gourd, tinda etc. Also avoid fish and eggs in rainy season.
  5. Supplements for Immunity
    Take Vitamin C to improve your  body immunity and resistance to diseases.


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