6 Common Reasons Behind Liver Damage

Liver is one of the most important part of our body and works 24×7 in a day to remove toxins out of it. It also secretes bile juice that helps in digestion process and thus helps in the creation of energy for the body.


Liver prevents our body from any external risks and helps in building immunity system.

Liver is located on the right side of our abdomen below rib case and takes care of most of the metabolic activities.

One of the main role of liver is to remove toxic substances from the blood but many times it gets damaged and we even don’t know the reason.

6 Reasons of Liver Damage

When liver stops functioning it is said to be liver failure. This could be a result of genetic cause or few other factors that could damage a liver like below:

  1. Excessive alcohol drinking:
    This is one of the main reason behind liver failure every year. People should avoid drinking too much to avoid any damage to it.
  2. Fatty liver
    It is normal to have some fats in liver which it stores for the normal functioning of body. But when liver gets damaged or is impaired from doing normal functioning, the chances of fat deposits are more. This makes it fatty liver and could be very dangerous in near future to the overall health.
  3. Hepatitis B or C
    Hepatitis B or C is a virus that happens due to contaminated water or similar reasons. Vaccinations are available in the market against these viruses.
  4. Exposure to more toxins environment
    Exposure to toxins can also result into lever failure. These toxins could be found in the chemicals available in the environment from human activities.
  5. Any blockage to the liver bile ducts
  6. Using Herbal Supplements in excess
    The trend of using herbal supplements like kava, ephedra, skullcap etc. for weight loss or as other medical alternative has increased a lot. This could also cause liver failure

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