6 considerations while purchasing an industrial sewing machine


So, you are in the mood to buy an industrial sewing machine, but the question is what do you know about it? Different machines are available in the market to solve different purposes so being clear on your requirement is essential to make the right choice. Buying a piece of machinery is never a child’s play as it demands knowledge and attention to take a right final pick. Between you and us, we know that making such an expensive decision can be overwhelming so worry no more and follow the points below which will help you keep the right considerations on the table for efficient decision-making. 

1. What are the different varieties?

Before we begin our research, it’s essential that you know the different varieties of machines available for your purchase. Here are your options

  • Single Needle lockstitch machine
  • Multi-needle chain stitch machine
  • Flatlock sewing machine
  • Button Hole Machine
  • Zigzag sewing machine
  • Button attaching machine
  • Bartack sewing machine
  • Double-needle lockstitch machine
  • Feed off the arm
  • Overlock sewing machine

For purchasing a classic walking foot sewing machine, you can rely on Singer 132K6 industrial sewing machine which is available at competitive prices for the passionate ones.

2. Find the best keep for your budget

Now that you are well aware of the varieties, it’s time to fix a budget and put a cap on it. Look for the best brands and models available in your proposed budget. Do not set a meagre budget because the product available at that price will not satisfy your thirst for efficient multi-functioning and standard quality with every use. Expand your budget horizons thinking of it as an investment which will work for many years to come. Moreover, if you are a beginner, then this step could be pretty tricky for you. Keep your requirements in mind to set the right budget or consult an expert sewist for better decision-making.

3. Trials for satisfaction

Trials are crucial to industrial sewing machine purchase. Many models will look enticing to you but before you pick one out just by the looks and get it packed, give it a try. Use it for a few minutes to see whether it fits the bill for you or not. Carry some of the fabrics which you will be using for your projects and try them on the machine to check it’s competence. Accessibility of the buttonhole, noise of the device, the stitch quality, variety of stitch options and smooth running are some of the aspects which need to be checked in order to find the right machine. As far as the store is considered, the next point will help you out with this matter.

4. The dealership is your go-to store

Many sewists, especially beginners prefer to opt for supermarkets or retail stores to buy their professional machine. That’s a mistake that we are going to avoid. To purchase your industrial sewing machine, trust the experts and turn up at a dealership. Buying from a dealership comes with tonnes of benefits such as expert assistance, advice, guarantee, personal experience sharing and a detailed walk through all the machine features for informed decision-making. You can also enjoy the trade-ins, if available with them, for easy machine changes.

5. What should a beginner do?

If you are a beginner, this point is exclusively for your assistance. While you are already at a dealership, communicate your needs with the experts so they can help you pick the perfect industrial sewing machine. Also, look for one which is laced with all the features that you need but not stuffed with too much which could intimidate you. You can even opt for a refurbished machine to get machine-friendly before you make such a significant investment.

6. The machine’s noise is a relevant factor in decision-making

This might sound doltish, but it is one of the critical attributes which people tend to miss out easily. A too noisy machine will easily distract you and be a fuss to handle. Whether you are a regular user or you like to sew in your free time, you might want to check this feature before your purchase, so you don’t lose your interest in the art of sewing.

Also, when you take a pick, inquire about the availability of industrial sewing machine parts, so there are no hassles in the future with the machine. With these considerations in mind you are good to go, so wait no more and rush to your nearest industrial sewing machine dealership today.


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