9 October – Celebrated as World Post Day


World Post Day is celebrated every year on 9 October.

Why World Post Day is Celebrated on 9 October?

Universal Postal Union was established on 9 October, 1874 in the Swiss Capital, Berne. Due to this, this day is reserved every year to celebrate World Post Day. UPU Congress declared this day in Japan in 1969. Since then all over the world, the day is celebrated to promote new postal services or making its development related announcements.

What is the Objective of World Post Day?

Postal services play the most influential role without any doubt as they help to connect with the world.

World Post Day is celebrated to create awareness among people towards the role of postal services in the personal and professional lives of people.

In many countries, this day is a holiday and in many various events and exhibitions are organized. If there is any new development like new stamps, new schemes or closure of older schemes etc., this is the correct day for the announcement.

The emblem design has two prominent colors which are blue and golden.  The designs emphasis integration of knowledge and processes, inclusion.

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