All four accused of Telangana rape case killed in encounter

All four accused of Telangana rape case of veterinarian doctor killed in an encounter in the wee hours on Friday.

They were taken to the spot of the incident where they were trying to escape. The police fired them in an event to stop them. The bullets hit them. They were taken to the hospital but died.

The four accused were under policy custody after their arrest for the heinous crime they made. The four had rapped veterinarian doctor in Hyderabad few days back. Since then the people around the country were in roar and asking for their killing.

In a press conference post the encounter, the Cyderabad SP, told the media that they attacked the policemen with sticks, and two of the accused snatched the weapons from the police and even fired at them. Police warned them to surrender their weapons and themselves but they resisted. In a cross-fire from Police, the accused were killed. One sub-inspector and a constable also got hurt and are getting treatment in hospital.

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