8 Common Reasons why your Car Keeps Losing Power

Common Reasons why your Car Keeps Losing Power

If your car is losing power while driving, there might be much reason behind that. For a car, to function properly, it requires a regulated flow of air, compression, and fuel-burning process. A compromise in any one of these may give rise to a momentous loss of engine power. Though the issues that impact the engine power are countless, a few that are most common culprits are enlisted here. Read on to know the most common problems if your car loses power.

8 Common Reasons why your Car Keeps Losing Power

  1. Blocked Fuel Filter
    When you push the accelerator of your car and you don’t acquire the desired response, then the primary cause of this may be the fuel system. Presumably, a blocked fuel filter or bunged valve cause this. The fuel filter makes certain that dirt and wreckage keep out of the fuel system, so after a certain period, it may require some cleaning or even replacement. Whenever the fuel filter is jammed, the fuel pump has to exert more burden, causing issues related to fuel economy.
  2. Fuel Injector Issues
    The usual problem with the fuel injector results in a clogged or leaking fuel injector. This can be the source of the reason for a tussling car on high speeds. Fuel injector problems never come alone, they are liable to be along with many other glitches, counting ignition problem, misfiring and even an amplified smell of fuel around the car.
  3. Air Conditioner Exhausting Power
    If your car is dropping power in hot weather only, it is essential to understand the fact that your AC uses a significant portion of your engine’s power. Consequently, if you are preparing for a long trip on a predominantly scorching day, you might feel a lack of power in your car. The best way to tackle this situation is to take your car to the nearest garage.   
  4. Evils of Turbocharger
    Turbochargers are installed in engines on usual. They come in action by rising the inlet air pressure in the ignition chamber, so that they let extra fuel to be mixed. Therefore, more power is produced from the outburst in the cylinder. Though turbo is designed to make the engines more resourceful, if something goes south with them, the engine loses the power. Complications could be as meek as rubbish or mud inflowing the turbo and disrupting the ignition mechanism. Turbochargers also requisite lubricating oil to function properly. Hence, make sure that oil and oil filter are well preserved.
  5. Overheated Cooling System
    The cooling system is intended to keep the engine at a certain level of temperature. When the surrounding temperatures are very high, a loaded temperature may force the cooling fan to work harder, dragging additional power from the engine and plummeting performance levels.
  6. Catalytic Converter Blockage
    When you feel your car is rushing slowly than usual, it may be due to a blocked catalytic converter. Your car’s catalytic converter shuts off damaging releases with the help of catalysts to convert harmful contaminants into water, fewer injurious gases before discharging them into the air. A blocked catalytic converter clogs gases, which means that the engine cannot operate to its optimum performance.
  7. Diesel Particulate Filter Clogging
    As far as diesel cars are concerned, the diesel particulate filter also called DPF may also get jammed. The DPF is intended to eliminate diesel particulate matter or exhaust contaminant particles, but also like the most filters, they tend to wear out and be replaced.
  8. Exhaust Boomeranging 
    Backfires are mainly sourced by an unbalanced fuel to air ratio. These small blasts may give rise to power loss when pushing the accelerator. In some cases, even bursts of small flames are noticed. There are many other reasons behind a backfiring exhaust, including fuel tank leakages, snags with the fuel pump or problems with the carburetor. If this continues to fail your car form powering up, you should consider to  sell car in Auckland. This way, you can cut down maintenance costs and look for a new and efficient vehicle for yourself.  If in case you are facing any of these hitches with your engine, your car should be gauged properly by a qualified mechanic. This will make certain that it is safe to drive and will avoid further damage from evolving.

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