Dominic Thiem-the US Open Winner in Pandemic 2020

Dominic Thiem of Austria region made his way to the US Grand Slam trophy and won it by fightining against his friend ‘Alexander Zverev’.

Dominic Thiem

2010 US Open was different from many before matches done. Most important there was no audience in the court due to pandemic. The empty stands were missing the fans following but nothing could be done as this was due to the health crisis. Everyone though enjoyed the match digitally.

The finalists in the 2020 match were totally unexpected. Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokivic were the three most powerful names being vetted upon to win the US Open this year. But Roger kept our due to knee a knee injury, and Nadal pulled out due to the current Covid-19 situation.

The poor Nadal got expelled in the fourth round after a ball hit by him in anger accidentally struck a line judge. He apologised for the entire incident too.

The final match was a spectacular one and filled with suspense as till first two rounds Alexander was leading the game.


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