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Having an excellent and high quality of online converter tool for your daily use is not an intricate task at all. You can look for different options roaming around the internet world in both free and paid versions. They are incredible to let your files and folders be converted into different formats of files.  Right through this blog post, you will be able to get an idea about reliable tools of the online converter which are worth enough to download:

  1. PDF Candy

As we talk about this online tool converter of PDF Candy, then it is quite evident from the name that this tool has been offering the best conversion services of PDF as well.  This tool will let your files be converted in just less time and with less hassle.  If you have any PDF file and you want it to get converted into the file format of any MS Office, then having this tool by your side is the best option for you.

You just need to upload the file in the conversion box.  Your converted file will appear in front of you as in view with the basic ZIP file format.  It is quite also easy to use as the beginners don’t need to invest their time reading some manual guide.  You can even access this tool through your mobile phone devices.  Your converted file will appear as same in front of you without finding any sort of changes in the font.

  1. Best Online Convert Free

Online Convert Free is another free converter tool which is incredible to use for your educational purposes.  If you have so many assignments pile up in front of you and you need them all to get converted into the MS Office file format, then here we have the most recommended tool for you.  It is extremely easy when it comes to using it.

This converter does have an ability in which it can easily give you your converted file in both the input and output file formats.  You can convert as many files at one time as possible as there is no such sort of restrictions.

  1. Premium Foxy Utils

Lastly, we bring for you the name of Foxy Utils! This converter tool has always remained one of the top preferred ones for the students as well as for educational purposes. This amazing converter is available with the access of batch processing too which has made probably made this tool as worth to use.

Some of the features in this tool converter are free to use but for few of the features you have to purchase its paid premium version which is available at a little costly price.  But don’t worry, batch processing feature is available for you within free version too.


So many different tools of file converter are available online for you out of which some are paid and some are available in free version mode. Look for the one which suits your daily needs and requirements of the file conversion.

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