Hardik Pandya and K Rahul Suspended Post Sexist Remarks


Hardik PandyaAmidst of all the “if” and “buts” due to the controversial speech of Hardik Pandya, and K Rahul, the final judgement has come. Both the young cricketers have been suspended from Indian Cricket team post their outrage-evoking comments they made in one of the episode of Koffee-with-Karan episode

The cricketers had made sexist remarks on the show. Also, in reply to the question when Karan asked whom they considered best batsman, Sachin or Virat”, both answered Virat.

It is noted that Karan Johar has removed the episode from the internet which was hosted on the television. But the damage has been already done to the show and the cricketers. The utmost care should have been taken before broadcasting the channel.

Knowing the damage, Hardik Pandya had released an official statement to apologize for his sexist comments he made in the show. While K Rahul had not released any such statement so far.

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh says he would not take his wife and daughter in the same bus in which Hardilk Pandya is also travelling. He added, people would now think that Sachin, Kumble and Bhajji would also be same as Pandya. According to Harbhajan, Hardik Pandya and K Rahul statements has done damage to the cricket reputation and our culture.

Image Credit: Time of India

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