How to Become a Good Manager?


“Management” is a very important topic of our life; not only in work place but at out home too. When we talk about home, obviously it’s a housewife who is the home manager as she looks after all the household activities to manage it well. A housewife is the only manager who manages everything without any intention of getting in return, and also does not get any salary or incentives in return of this.

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People do management degrees like BBA, MBA, and Post-Diplomas to become managers in future. But mere degrees do not teach everything, as practical knowledge is a must. The road to success is always full of thorns and challenges, and a good manager is the one who comes out successfully out of all odds. HPL (Hard Work, Punctuality and Learning Attitude) is important to excel in field. How to become a good manager depends upon your skills and attitude.

Take the case of any Finance Department in an office, the Finance Manager controls the total expenses and look into the financial reports of the company. His tasks are to cut down the expenses and use the company’s income in such a way so that the company does not have to bear losses in balance sheets. Likewise, a Web Delivery Manager is the one who is responsible for the quality and timely delivery of all kind of projects done by his team.

For smooth operation, all the sections have respective managers in an office. Many times, under high pressure and strict deadlines a manager loses his cool and starts scolding his team. This is not right. The true manager is the one who can manage work and his team under extreme conditions without losing his temper, otherwise, who is not there who cannot give results under normal conditions.

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This question arises under many minds, especially those who have completed their degree in management. But we would advice them to start their career as a team player and not a manager.

In an office there are different level of management like top management, middle management and lower management. All three types of managements are important in itself, for the proper coördination and smooth flow of work.

Leaning art of management is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all the pass out students from a management school becomes good managers. Education can help in setting the foundation but the pillars could be constructed with hard work, right approach and consistency towards work only.

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6 Tips to Become a Good Manager

Many aspire to be managers as this is a lucrative profile that is highly paid and gives the authority to rule others. But this is also true that manager’s job is a hectic kind of job but if one follows the following tips, and then no power of world can stop him in becoming a powerful manager or a leader. A manager is also called a leader as after all if he takes a lead, others will follow him.

  1. Do not Loose Control under pressure
    Tough deadlines and cunning clients can create tense conditions and as a result manager loses his control and shows aggressiveness to his subordinates. This is big no, and is the worst quality that should be trashed immediately. Do not try to bossing around as this can create a gap between you and your team which would keep on widening if not filled in time. And as a result the output quality and quality keeps on deteriorating.
  2. Passion for job
    Any project could become successful if done with passion and love. Try to be passionate for your work, and others will also do the same. Impose those qualities in yourself that you want others to have. Others will imitate and inhibit these qualities of yours. Always be energetic, disciplined and on time.
  3. Innovative and Experimental Approach
    Think out of the box in many creative ways and do not hesitate in experimenting with ideas. This can only lead to great inventions and success in the business.
  4. Reward and Motivation
    We human want motivation and feel nice if someone appraises us. So, if anyone in your team has done something good, that is remarkable then be the first to appreciate him in everyone’s presence, and if possible, motivate him by giving some reward. This approach will create passion and zeal in others also and they will also work hard and feel motivated.
  5. Take care of Company Finance
    A good manager needs to have good financial knowledge and understanding of financial aspects of the company. As he can make realistic goals and aims if aware of the company’s financial conditions well.
  6. Acknowledge People and search hidden talent
    Many people are talented and have tremendous knowledge but feel shy to come up with the new ideas. A good manager has an eye to catch these people and helps them to grow and show their skills. Time-to-time, Knowledge sharing and training sessions should be held to upgrade employees with the latest trends in the market.

A good manager is the one who does not push employees, rather knows how to pull them to him. This way only he would give in the success of a business and himself too.


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