How to Check Expiry Date of LPG Gas Cylinder


Liquids petroleum gas or LPG is the crucial assets in the kitchen. Not only in India, LPG is the most commonly used fuel all over the world. Basically, LPG is flammable hydrocarbon gases like propane, butane or isobutane either single or in mixture ,compressed to huge pressure.

India has become second largest domestic LPG consumer in the world since our honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji launched Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana on 1st May 2016 from Balia,Uttar Pradesh.

LPG is quick to cook and non smoky. It is a clean fuel without any residue. However every coin has two sides, these  cylinders contain gas  under huge pressure, so you are always sitting on a live bomb. One needs to be extra cautious while handling LPG right from the accepting the  delivery of cylinder to daily handling. Do not accept the cylinders with expired dates. So let’s see how to check expiry of your cylinders.

How to check expiry of LPG cylinder?

LPG gas cylinders for domestic purpose is stored and transported in red colour steel containers in India.Every metal has its own fatigue rate. That is why gas cylinders do have their expiry date. Expired cylinders are not physically fit and safe for use.

Every cylinder body has three stems connecting main body of cylinder to the upper rim. Expiry date is written with paint on one of the three stems. It is coded as albhabet A,B,C,D followed by two digits.

1.Albhabets are decided as four quarters of the year:

A (First quarter) (Jan-March)

B  (Second quarter) (April – June)

C  (Third quarter) (July-September)

(Forth quarter) (October- December)

2.Two digits indicate expiry year of physical life of cylinder.

So before accepting delivery of new cylinder ,one must check expiry date of cylinder.







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