How to Protect Yourself from A Fire

protection from fire

Statistics say that when a building is on fire, you have less than two minutes to exit before flames and smoke engulf the building. Therefore, it is essential that you take appropriate measures beforehand – to reduce the chances of a fire starting and also to give yourself the best possible chances of escaping. Let’s take a look at how you can help protect yourself and those around you from a fire.

Install Sprinklers

Not only can sprinklers and other Automatic Fire Suppression Systems, (AFFS) save human lives, but they can also save homes and businesses too. Sprinklers offer protection from the strongest of fires – but they do more than that.

People are provided with a much higher chance of getting out of a fire as the severity of the fire is reduced, and they decrease the chances of debris.

If you manage or own a property, it is essential to get the correct, up-to-date sprinkler system in the building, which companies like The CAD Room can assist you with. The CAD room offers the latest clash reports and walkthroughs of sprinkler installations, allowing you to fix any possible clashes before installation begins. Time and cost-effective, they can also provide you with a 3D walkthrough to let you visualise your system in 3D.

Have an Escape Route

Having an emergency escape plan could potentially change lives. Make sure to identify the main emergency exits such as the front and rear doors. Plan to use a primary emergency escape route and then contingency routes to follow in case one route isn’t available to use at the time.

In an actual fire, smoke, flames and debris can render passageways impassable, so you must consider this when planning an escape route. For instance, if you have upper floors, buying fire ladders to escape quickly could be a big help.

It is essential to test your fire escape plan once it is planned. Practice escaping from the different areas of your home/workplace like the kitchen or the office. It is also essential that you perform a fire drill in complete darkness, (or have everyone close their eyes) as the smoke in an actual fire can drastically reduce visibility — practice counting doors and sensing your whereabouts by using touch instead of using sight.

The more practice you give yourself across different scenarios, the more prepared everyone will be in case a legit emergency occurs.

Extinguish the Fire If Possible

If a fire starts in your building, make sure to immediately call the fire department – do this while assessing if you can put the blaze out yourself with a fire extinguisher. Of course, this is hard to advise on because ultimately the call will be up to you.

However, professional help being on its way could give you the comfort to be able to attempt to use a fire extinguisher to put out small flames. It would be best if you didn’t allow the flames to flash into 5-alarm fires. Go with your gut instinct here. If there is an abundance of smoke and flames, get yourself to safety immediately. The risk will not be worth it.

Stay Away at All Costs

Once you are out of the burning building, do not attempt to go back inside to save any persons or items. The only people that can be trusted to enter a premise on fire are the firefighters when they arrive – they are qualified and have the best protective gear. Make sure to remain at least 75 feet away as if the building is to explode, that is the distance that potential debris could travel.

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