How to Save Money by Taking Care of Health?


The increase in expenses and to meet high living standards, it has become compulsory for both the partners to work and earn together so as to meet the various requirements of lives. In just a decade, price of the same thing has increased to double or more than what it used to be for the same quantity.

We work day-and-night and take stress to meet the deadlines and work pressure. The 24×7 working structure in most of the offices has made us behave like machines and we run round the click just to meet the client’s deadlines and avoid and penalties. But the client never gets happy and we compromise with our health to work day and night just to keep him satisfied.

Even after working day night, the salary we get in the month seems to be so tiny in front of the big expenses.

List of Few Expenses of a Normal Family

  1. Electricity Bills
  2. Water Bill
  3. Maintenance Bill
  4. Milk, Bread and monthly ration
  5. Children fees
  6. Travel and car expenses
  7. Grocery and Medicinal Bills
  8. Leisure and entertainment

We have made a small list of expenses only though it could be longer for many families.

Everything goes smoothly if we are healthy and in a good condition. If we are healthy then our budget does not get disturbed and our expenses are met properly. But who knows when adversity arrives.

Have you ever thought what will happen if anyone of you falls ill or meet with an accident or any natural calamity occurs like earthquake etc.?

Are you ready to meet the unexpected? Many times your life style or habits can also make you ill and burden your budget.

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Saving money is the best practice that one should have. Try to save at least 40% of your income to meet the unexpected or for future.  Body is a machine and machine can stop working anytime.

There are many diseases which are seasonal and happen in a particular time of a year like in summers, the arrival of monsoon causes heavy rain falling. This is enjoyable for many people who like rains but at the same time this can cause diseases.How to save money

It is always good to take prevention than cure. Here we are mentioning few tips which are though simple but useful and should be followed. How to save money is the question we need answer for.  We can save money by taking care of our health.

Tips to Cut Health Expenses and Save Money

  1. Make it a practice to wash hands with good soap before taking any food. Also, do not forget to do the same if you are coming back home from outside, as germs are found everywhere.
  2. Balanced diet is the one that contains all the nutrients in balanced proportion rather then any one or two. Our daily meal should involve major nutrients in the form of vegetables and seasonal fruits. Also involve fiber in right amount to keep your stomach right.
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  3. Drinking water should be filtered and free of any impurity. In the absence of any filter, use alum and put it in water, which settles down with impurities if any. Water can be boiled and then cooled, this makes it fit for use.
  4. If Stay away of other people if you have cold flue or swine flue like diseases and use a handkerchief while sneezing. Avoid going in public if suffered such disease.
  5. Exercise in any form, walking, yoga, running or jogging is good for your life time. If not heavy then start with lighter steps. But it’s always good to do something then nothing

By using above tips you can reduce expenses on your medical bills, thereby, relaxing your pocket. I am sure you will happily follow these money saving tips.

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