Justice Gita Mittal-First Female Chief of Jammu Kashmir Court

Gita Mittal

Justice Gita Mittal holds the honor of becoming first female chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir. She became the first chief Justice of J&K High Court in August 2018.

On 16th July 2004, she was also called to Bench of the Delhi High Court as an Additional Judge.

Gita Mittal is a very powerful judge and was one of the famous top lawyer in the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court.

Gita Mittal was born on 9th December, 1959. She has worked a lot in social reformation and social work.

She has written a lot on human rights, death penalty, corporate laws, women rights and justice.

Gita Mittal is not only famous in India but the world also recognizes her work. She was invited to the by its Pope to speak on Human Trafficking.

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