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You might be suspicious where your child spends his time when you are not nearby. However, it is not compulsory that he always tells you the truth about his whereabouts. Then what is the way out of this problem? Blurspy Geo-Fencing feature is a prodigious innovation in this respect. It provides you with an updated map on your control panel, and you can mark the boundaries of safe areas in which you feel that your child will be safe. Whenever he steps out of the marked periphery, you will be notified on your admin account of Blurspy.

How does Geo-Fencing work?

GPS trackers have got immense accuracy in their working after being integrated with the mapping software. Blurspy has also adapted the same accurate trackers which gives you exact boundaries and locations. This is how you can use this feature:

  • After installing Blurspy in the target device, turn on the GPS tracker
  • Check all the nearby areas, mark the places you feel are safe for your child to go
  • You can also mark an expected safe radius from his school or your house
  • Turn on the notifications, in case your child moves out of the safe zone you will be notified
  • Notifications can be sent via email or text or both, depending upon your choice

How is it supportive for parents/employers?

Children can develop some interests outside their schools, which are not always trustworthy. But stopping them directly may not work, as they can go without informing you too. In this case, Blurspy marking safe areas is excellent. You can mark his route from school to home, and if he goes somewhere else, you will always be aware. This is an excellent way of being aware of your young one’s interests.

Online friendships are something which parents do not usually give a thought to. However if those online connections become strong enough, they can harm your child’s safety. Alike, when you send your employee out for a task, and he takes too much time you can calculate the time he spent in your marked locations. If you feel that he was not in the place where you sent him, that definitely means that he was busy in some personal chores or was wasting his time wandering around.

Hence, stop worrying about the safety of people you concern about and always be aware of their interests and whereabouts.


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