Love is a battlefield aka Dating in 2019!

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Anyone who says they don’t need love, needs love. You could be a  preteen from a small town in Korea wishing for a fairytale love story or a woman seeking her dream man in Sydney. Everyone desires the perfect partner with whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives.Technology is taking over every aspect of how we communicate with each other, including how we approach meeting someone new. Online dating has become such a key part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re sixteen or fourty-two, if you are looking for love then this is the way to go. It is understandable how this can be quite unnerving. You are essentially uprooting and rebuilding yourself on a virtual dimension. Are you someone trying this for the first time? Fret not! If this is the battle then we will fight it! Just continue reading and take the online plunge for love-

Be yourself

This is perhaps the most cliched advice ever, but it works! You need someone who will like you for being you, and that won’t happen if you don’t portray your authentic self. Present yourself in a confident light, be true to who you are and surely the universe will align in your favour.

Know what you want

Are you seeking a serious relationship or something with an expiration date of a few weeks? Deeply think about this and approach dating with a clear mind. And as it’s said, if you know what you want then it’s easier to find it!

Take a chance

Have some courage and take a chance! It is so easy to think ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’ but what if it does? What if it brings you to the best adventure of your life? It will take some work, but all the good things do. You need to open up your arms and drop your guard.

Ask for help

If you are not convinced that a screen with an algorithm will help you find the one, then you can ask for some assistance! If you want, a matchmaker will meet you in person and connect you with someone who best compliments your personality! Matchmakers take all the elements into consideration, whether you are a busy professional or someone ready to settle down with the love of your life. They will understand your needs, interests, and  personality. Matchmaking services are confidential and trustworthy. Meeting a stranger can be daunting, but matchmakers carry out ID verifications to ensure authenticity. You can easily find a matchmaker in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, or wherever you are!

Be confident but safe

If you connect with someone and strike that initial spark, then by all means meet them in person. But it is equally important to be cautious no matter how genuine the person seems. Choose a fairly public place for the initial meeting and do inform your close family and friends about your whereabouts.

In the words of Pat Benatar, love is a battlefield, so keep all these suggestions in your mind and I assure you that your dating experience in 2019 will go rather smoothly. How we come to find love is always evolving, but the end result of finding the one will bring you the happiness you are looking for. So dip your toes into the world of online dating and actually seek the love you’ve been waiting for!


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