Marble Granite and Its Uses

Marble Granite

Marble Granite

Marble granite is a type of rock which is found at the bottom of the surface of the earth. This kind of rock belongs to the igneous rock family. The marble granite is found especially in the continental fields. The continental crust has the sedimentary layer of marble granite for centuries and the quarried granites are very raw and hard in nature. Marble granites are also found in the hilly regions. The major chemical composition of granite contains silica and alumina for more than 70% of its whole composition and the remaining are the composition of other oxides with the combination of Iron, calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium.

Marble Granite

How granites are quarried? 

As mentioned before, granite quarries are found in the continental area. The granites are extracted from the quarries by cutting the huge rock of granite into slabs or cubes. Mining equipment is used to carve the rock initially and then the cranes are used to lift them. The huge chunk of rock is then polished after cutting them into certain sizes. This is how the granite is quarried.


Uses of granites:

Granites are solely applied in construction of buildings and they have been popular since the historical periods. There are many architectural marvels still standing tall to show that they are constructed using granite. The granite is a hard rock which is strong enough to withstand natural calamities and disasters. Some of the best examples of historical architectures using granites are the Pyramids in Egypt, Brihadiswara temple in India and many more.

In modern world the granites are used to carve sculptures. Sculptures carved from marble granite are strong enough to withstand with its texture and elegance. The carvings are done by using computers these days as this type of carving method is extremely accurate and minute. Granites are also used as gravestone to stay strong for many years. In the field of engineering granites are used for floors. Many prestigious monuments prefer granite over marble as they can stand for a long period of time and the polished marble will make the floor elegant. The surface can be polished again after a long time to make it look like the same as before.

Marble Granite is also used as counterparts. They can be used in kitchen as the granite stone has the capability to withstand maximum heat. Even heated cookers placed over the granite will not bother the stone much.


Types of granite counterparts:

Basically granites are classified into three types as follows:

  • Slab granite
  • Tiled granite
  • Modular granite

Slab granite:

Slab granite is nothing but a partially polished surface of granite. This type of counterpart is preferred mostly by the people as they are not as expensive as tiled granite and modular granite. The slab granite is stiff and solid when compared to the others. The slabs made are heavy and hard as they have been cut as solid cubes or slabs.

Marble Granite

Tiled granite:

Tiled granites are the counterparts that look shinier than slab granites and are most affordable. The tiled granite is polished to make it look eye catching. This type of counterpart of granite will make the kitchen appear rich and elegant. The tiled granite has folded edges and they are not very thick as slab granite. We can cut these granites even to smaller size to place it in and around the kitchen.

Modular granite:

Modular granites are considered as the mid-range countertops. The modular granite can be used as the conventional stone as they can be availed in various sizes which make the builder to think extensively about it’s use. But the only drawback is that this type of granite does not have any rich and shiny look like tiled granites.

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