Meghan Markle is a Self Made Lady with Own Identity

Meghan Markle

Ever since the news of engagement of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle broke, people have started showing interest to know about the sooner-to-be royal bride Meghan Markle who has come into limelight and in the eyes of the world overnight.

Who is Meghan Markle?

Most of the people know Meghan as the girl friend, fiancee and wife of Prince Harry of England Royal family. This is not false but at the same time Meghan is also an American television actress of star of Suits, and holds her own share of achievements.

Meghan is lady of strong belief and holds her own strong identity which makes her separate from others. Meghan Markle is a lady of strong mentality and personality who never shies away raising her voice against the various odds and issues in the society.

People think she came in the limelight all of a sudden after getting engaged to the Prince Harry, but this is not true. She is not someone who came out of no-where to lime-light suddenly, as she is a famous actress,  and a philanthropist as well and created her place already in the society.

There is a famous incidence of her childhood when she was 11 years old, she wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton who was the then president of United States. She complained of a soap advertisement that would come on television and said women should be restricted to kitchen. After this, the company had to alter the advertisement.

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Life of Meghan Markle

Meghan was born on 4th August, 1981 in Los Angeles to the parents Doria and Thomas in Los Angeles of United States. Her mother, Doria was a yoga instructor-clinical therapist, and father Thomas, an Emmy award-winning director in Photography. She has an elder sibling, Thomas Markle Jr. She also has a half-sister name Samantha. She has told many times that her mother has a great impact in her thinking and her parents have taught her to do good to the society.

Markle attended a private primary school initially and then moved to Roman Catholic college. This was a girl’s school and later on took admission in Northwestern University School of Communication. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2003 and done double major in international relations and theatre as well.

Meghan father is an Emmy award winner for direction in photography. He was the cinematographer for the most famous show of 80s, Married…with children. Marker has worked in few Hollywood films also like, “Remember Me”, “Horrible Bosses” and “Get hom to the Greek” etc.. Because of his father, she would spend most of her time on the set of :Married…with Children.

Meghan Markle lives in Toronto and is very active on social websites like Pinterest. She is also a animal lover and now lives with Guy, Bogart and dogs.

The marriage of Meghan and Prince Harry is scheduled on 19 May, 2018. But this would not be her first marriage as she was previously married and divorced from Trevor Engelson . But her marriage with Trevor could not survive and lasted for two years only.

Meghan is playing a role of Rachel Zane in tele-series, “Suits” but has asked the show makers to remove her character of Rachel Zane that is portraying. She wants to keep up and look into the relationship with Prince Harry whom she got engaged and planning to marry in the year 2018.

Life Style Blog of Meghan Markle – “The Tig”

Meghan Markle runs a blog on lifestyle called “The Tig”. The name she kept after the wine, “Tignanello” which has a nickname ‘Tig’. She remembers how after tasting the wine for the first time, she got an ah-ha moment.

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