My story is also like movie Ki and Ka


I also want to share the almost same story of characters in “Ki and Ka” movie, Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor are playing.

My husband had been a house-husband for around seven years after when he lost his job. That time I had a baby and a one more was expecting. He was the one who stayed at home and me working in a private office as someone had to earn to meet expenses for lives and most importantly two babies.

I used to go office around 8 in the morning and reached back by late in the evening and sometimes late if work called. But unlike the movie, “ki and ka”, it was not my choice but due to circumstances that my husband had to stay back at home looking after the home. He tried interviews but all in vein.

Slowly and steadily everything started falling in place and the routine worked out. But still the guilt would come in mind not because of my husband not working but because of society. So called aunty ji’s in our neighborhood would see my husband and talk about him in his back. Relatives would often ask where you are working, then we had to tell a lie that the he was working with some company so and so. It’s good my in-laws were staying with us , as otherwise they would have asked then who is looking after your kids? People spare none.

Relatives and others who were not aware of the story that my hubby is not working and me only the bread and butter earner, would ask me why you are working and looking after your kids…stay at home…your babies would get spoiled…so and soon. I gave them a deaf ear, and what else I could do, as on one side me was working had to meet the daily budget and on the other side those stupid and ugly questions.

Its society only, whose fear makes many to lie, decline, taking extreme steps like suicide as people are interested more in what’s cooking in others kitchen and not the ration ratio in their own.

There was one time when after delivering son, we had no money left to pay fees in the coming month to our daughter’s school but I joined back office and paid the fees on getting the salary. Under many circumstances, we almost ran out of money but with almighty grace made in the end time.

After seven years, my husband got a job but not on big scale but yes to shut the mouth of people it’s a job. He is still not earning well and me earning more but at least we have to show something to the people. Other than this nothing has changed with his job, other than the people’s perspective.

In our society, a man needs to step out of the house in the morning…and work…no matter where is he going and what he is earning. But if he is not seen going out in the morning in office hours, then many housewives and so called dear aunty ji’s raise their eyebrows and feel on top of the world, as they get a piece of gossiping that would make their day.

I and my hubby are working but I cannot sit at home as the expenses have increased and I still working more than him, but still many ask the same question, why do you work? Now tell me someone what to answer these poor people.

I still feel, as those seven years were not waste as my kids were looked after by my husband. It was he who looked after the kids and they did not feel neglected. Now they are grown up and can look after themselves.

It’s the situation and destiny that decided many times which is not often in our hands. But it’s the society that does not hesitate in making it worse. So if you learn to handle this then would be happy forever and survive in any condition.


The story is written by Ankita who is connected with Omilights as a writer. Drop us more if you have any!!!

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