Reaction of victim families after seeing Rape Film

The families of victims and convicts sat together and watched the screening of movie, “India’s daughter” made by Leslee Udwin. The common thing that happened there, they all waked away at the end of the film with tears in eyes.

One of the brother of the convict Mukesh Singh, who is under trial and one of the six convicts of the brutal act, cried out of shame and guilt, while father of the victim was reminded of the brutally faced by his daughter.rapist mukesh singh blames victim for the rape

The victim’s father said, “It was a reminder of the night when I first saw my daughter in hospital battling for her life, lying on the hospital bed. It makes me angry that even after three years of that incident,  these convicts have no shame and feeling of guilt. I urge the government to give severe punishment to these shameless people immediately that acts as a deterrent for such crime are in the future”.

The gang rape took place in the night of 16 December, 2012 in a moving bus. The girl and his friend were returning after seeing a film and boarded in the bus after waiting for a long for any other public transport. The convicts were already present in the bus including, a driver, cleaner and the helper. They all raped the girl one by one. The girl and her friend resisted and fought till end. They injured the boy and acted brutally with the girl. The girl and his friend were thrown off the moving bus, they lied there till someone noticed and they were taken to the hospital.

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Madhu Singh, brother of other two other convicts, Mukesh and Ram, cried and asked for apologies to the victim who is not more in the world. He further said, “This is not the way we all are brought up in the family, I feel sorry that my brothers have done this and think so poorly of women and their status.”

Udwin, the director of the film told the media, “In my career of 10 years I have never been so touched after a screening. I was proud that the movie will to some extent succeed in dispensing justice to many victims and their families,” She further told that, after watching the first draft of the documentary, the father of the victim got up and commended her and said, “acha, bahut acha (Good, very good).”

Udwin wanted to present the movie as a gift to India, by releasing it on 8 March, International Women Day, but could not do as it got banned by Indian Government.

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