Smog in Delhi is Dangerous for your Lungs and Life

smog effect on lungs

Pollution in the capital of India, Delhi was never under control in recent time. But since last few days it has crossed the dangerous level also. PM level of 2.5 has been recorded by U.S embassy in the state that is really very worrisome. It can result into the tiny pollutants in air to penetrate into your lungs.

Schools have been closed and children have been advised to stay inside their home. But it is very difficult to keep them inside as they are kids and its their right to play and take breath in fresh air. But due to our own faults; comfort in the name of development and higher education we are making unwanted use of fuel and increasing dependency.

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But there are many kids who are not studying and doing labour and other odd jobs. Has anyone bothered about them? They cannot stay inside as it will impact their daily wage that they get after doing a full-day job.

The high PM level of air is very dangerous for senior citizens and children but could be equally harmful for other age groups.

High level of smoke that enters in the body can result into strokes, lung cancer and heart diseases. The tiny pollutants are not visible with naked eyes sometimes and enter our body in the bloodstream. This is irreversible action as it is very difficult to take out something that has been inhaled inside our body.

The condition of high PM level and smoke in the air is very dangerous for those having asthma and other breathing disorders. They should consult with their doctors for any change in medicine.

The sale of air purifiers has increased in Delhi with the quality of air getting worsen from unhealthy to hazardous.

What can we do to Beat the Effect of High PM level in Polluted Air?

  • Start your day with 2 glasses of lukewarm water and if possible add lemon juice into it
  • Drink herbal tea which will help in the release of toxins from nasal tract
  • Inhale steam which will clear your system from inside by taking away deposited dust
  • Include Vitamin-C and citric fruits in your daily diet that will build immunity
  • Winter has come, so the market is fill with carrot. One ca have juice of carot that can help in puring blood
  • Include jaggery that dissolves dust from lungs
  • Breathing and Yoga can strengthen your inner organs
  • It is not advisable to perform yoga in open when the air is polluted outside. Do breathing exercise in the interior of your house. Take deep breaths through your alternate nostrils. Deep breathing will remove dust from your lungs and making them healthier. Click the link to know how to perform yoga if you are a beginner

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