Sreesanth on BCCI Life time Ban on Cricket


The former India Cricketer S.Sreesanth has shown the pain he had got after the lifetime ban imposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI). He said in an interview that since he is 34 years old and has maximum 6 years of cricket age, so can consider playing for other country if not permitted in India.

The BBCI had earlier banned Sreesanth from playing cricket lifetime. The Kerala High Court had upheld the ban and sent a petition to the BCCI for lifting the ban. As the cricketer had signed a petition to the Court to lift the ban.

Sreesanth also tweeted on Tweeter and showed his anger on the decision. He said since the BCCI is a private firm and is not an ICC so the ban imposed is only by BCCI and not in the international cricket. He tweeted, “This is the worst decision ever… Special rule for me? What about real culprits? What about Chennai Super Kings? And what about Rajasthan?”.

Sreesanth was found guilty of spot-fixing in September, 2013. As a result of this, BCCI’s disciplinary committee had given him a life time ban from sport that could end his entire sport career. He was relived and discharged from all the allegations against him in 2015 by the Delhi trial court and left with life time ban on cricket only.

The court verdict has restrained himself from playing in India cricket and also he cannot take part in any practice sessions at any place under BCCI or any state cricket association.

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