Unknown Facts of Allaudin Khilji -Sikander-A-Shahi- Life


Many dynasties and emperors have ruled India, some of them were able to create history and some lost in the history. The soil of India has seen the rising of many emperors and the rulers who were very powerful and created history, and the same time it saw those also who were forgotten with time.

One such ruler was Allaudin Khilji who was one of the most powerful Sultan of Delhi, and belonged to the Khilji dynasty. Many stories are found written on his life but all carry some differences with slight different versions.  None of the stories truly depict the life of Allauding Khilji.

Though there are no solid proofs found that could depict the exact life style of Allaudin Khilji as there are many versions of his life stories written by different people but we are listing down few of the things that were found common in all the versions. But this is sure that Allaudin Khilji the time period of 1296 to 1316.

10 Amazing Facts of Allaudin Khilji Life

  1. Allaudin Khilji was born as Juna Muhammad Khilji and was the second emperor of Khilji dynasty followed by his father-in-law whom he killed to gain the power.
  2. Allaudin can be considered as the highly ambitious powerful Sultan of Delhi and would consider himself Alexander. He was honoured with “Sikander-A-Shahi” title also.
  3. He was famous for the various steps he took in market reformation, price control and agricultural development. He even banned serving and drinking alcohol in open in his kingdom.
  4. This is famous that Allaudin became the Sultan after killing his father-in-law, brother-in-law and their uncles. When his father in law became the Sultan, he gave Allaudin the title of “Amir-i-Tuzuk” that means Master of Ceremonies. He killed his father-in-law in a revolution to get the power in Delhi in 1296. He killed his brother-in-laws in Multan.
  5. Mongolians were considered as the most powerful and vast army of that time. Allaudin Khilji was one of those Sultans in history who was able to get hold of the Mongolian army. During his rein in Delhi, Monoglians tried to invade his kingdom many times but every time they were defeated. Few of the attempts of invasions made by Mongol were, Jaran-Manjur (1297-1298), Sivistan (1298), Kili (1299), Delhi (1303), and Amroha (1305).
  6. He had developed his kingdom to a larger extent. He also built Gujarat. Jalor, Malwa, Mawar and Madurai.
  7. Allaudin was the only king who extended his kingdom by taking safety steps along with excise and economic reformation of the public. He tried to give a well constructed political structural to the country. He constructed a stable army and separated religion and politics from each other.
  8. People of his kingdom were peace lovers and lived cordially with each other. He encouraged literature and arts.
  9. Many stories based on the life of Alludin Khilji have been written by different writers of different generations and place. In some of them he was depicted as a cruel ruler who had a lust of Padmavati, the queen of chittod who was famous for her beauty and was considered the most beautiful woman of that time. Allaudin when came to know about her, attacked chittod in the 1303.
  10. Malkik Kafur was one of the most famous general of his court. He was his close aid whom he trusted the most. In 1308 he sent Kafur to the south on a mission. The mission was to spread his business in Madurai and also to get hold of the Varangal of Hoysala kingdom. Malik returned to Delhi after three years in 1311. The Sultan became very ill in his last years of life. Taking advantage of this Malik Kafur took power from him and deceived him. He was very unhappy, hopeless with the act of Malik Kafur and died in 1316 AD with illness. Many doubt that he Malik murdered him

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