The Right Procedure: 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Doing an Excavation


One of the things you need to do when remodeling the exterior part of your home is to excavate. This method is essential especially if you want to widen the space outside of your house or if you want to build another structure within your property.

That being said, there are various things you need to keep in mind when doing excavation on your own. You should always consider asking for professional help in case you’re not familiar with the procedures that need to be done. Take your cue from these five checklists that you should keep in mind before you start digging.

Create a Plan

When doing renovation, you don’t just take down things or dig anywhere without having a firm plan. Always think of a plan that would benefit you for a long time and not only for a short period. Creating a plan is one of the most important things you need to do especially if you’re planning to remodel the outside area of your house.

If you’re planning to put a pool in your backyard, create a master plan for you to make sure that everything will go well. Also, don’t forget to consider relevant factors when doing some digging such as the soil type you have in your area.

Check for Underground Utilities

Before planning on doing some digging of your own, always call a professional to check if there are any underground utilities that you need to avoid while your project is ongoing. It’s better to be safe all the time than not to care at all because it might cause harm to you.

Gas pipes are often located underground, so you better ask for some advice first before starting your excavation. If you want to have a better result, you can try calling your local contractor, or you can call companies such as Winola Excavating and other companies for more information.

Don’t Use Heavy Machinery All the Time

There are certain times that you should avoid using heavy machinery when doing the excavation. It’s advisable to hand-dig places that are near gas lines for you to prevent scratching the surface of it which might cause gas leaks. You should always prioritize your safety before engaging in this kind of activity.

There are a lot of different tools you can use for this kind of project. Always ask for advice from some professionals before using heavy equipment for you to avoid specific problems that might happen during your renovation. You should also pick the right tools for your plan to becomes successful.

Know the Condition of the Ground

It’s crucial for you to know if your foundation is safe before doing some digging for you to prevent problems from happening in the future. One of the things you should take note is the type of soil in your area. You should do some research or ask for professional advice for you to know if you have good soil.

Soil that has good structures are more stable. One of the things that damages structures are erosion and runoff due to the lousy quality of soil in its area. Also, good soils prevent cracks foundations and roads from happening because of the balanced chemical it has.

Make an Emergency Exit

Preparing an emergency exit is recommended especially if your project will be 5 ft. deep or more. This is usually done to prevent accidents from happening. If you don’t want to be buried under the ground always make sure that you have your emergency exit ready because you don’t know when it will happen.

This type of accident is common especially to those people who plan to have a deeper hole for their project. You should always keep in mind that your safety is your priority all the time. You should also consider the weather during your renovation for you to know if it’s still safe to operate or not.


Doing some excavation can be hard at first, especially if you didn’t know what are the essential steps you need to do. As such, gathering information before starting on your project is necessary for you to know what are the things you need to do.

Don’t hesitate to call for professional help. Never operate heavy equipment that you’re not familiar with because you might injure yourself. Don’t settle for cheap materials when doing some renovation to avoid hazards and casualties that might cost you more money, and worse, your life.

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