Want to sell your Junk Car? Remove the Valuables First!

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After a while, you might have a major decision regarding whether to sell your junk car or send it to the mechanics and use it as long as possible. It is totally understandable if the concept of just giving away your car seems to be difficult. All of us have a lot of memories attached to our cars; so giving it away would also mean parting with those memories. However, as per the law of nature, the old has to go for welcoming the new.

Same goes for cars. Repairing an old car can burn a hole in your pocket due to the complicated issues and the car parts might not be easily available in market anymore. Moreover, even after spending huge money, there is no guarantee that your car will not break down again. The best thing to do in order to deal with this scenario is to contact companies dealing with scrap car removal. Scrap Cars is a company based in Newcastle that aims at providing its customers with the best car removal service for all sorts of vehicles.

Valuable items to remove from cars before dumping them:

Giving away the old car to scrap car removing services not only takes the burden of dealing with an old car off your shoulder, but also provides you with cash for used cars. Now, what can be better than receiving money in return for something that is of no use to you any longer! Since you are giving away your junk car, you would want to make sure that you are receiving the best price for it. However, even before giving away your junk car, make sure that all the valuable items are removed from it to make the most out of the deal. Here are the few items to remove:

  • GPS System: If your car has a built-in GPS System, then you would definitely want to remove it before handing over your junk car to the removers. You can easily sell off the GPS System separately in the market for extra money. If the GPS System is in a good condition, then you could easily fetch a few hundred dollars by selling it. As far as the portable GPS systems are concerned, you might not get that much money by selling it separately. But it is still worth some money — so why not remove it when you can make some extra cash?
  • Exhaust Systems: The average costing of replacing the car’s exhaust system along with a new catalytic converter can be between 500 dollars to 1000 dollars. The exhaust system has some crucial work to perform in the whole system. It reduces the number of fumes getting released into the air and keeps the engine noise under control. Due to its importance and all the metal components, the exhaust system can be easily tagged as a “hot commodity”. So, if your car’s exhaust system happens to be in a good condition, you might want to remove it. You can easily sell it in the market for hundreds of dollars due to its high demand.
  • Fenders: Fenders are another car part valuable enough to remove it for selling it separately. Fenders are responsible for the undercarriage of the vehicle, and for giving protection to the wheel wells. Due to these functions, fenders can easily fetch you some extra cash in the market. Replacing fenders can be really costly; so many times the car owners gravitate towards second-hand fenders to save a few bucks.

 These are the few valuable parts you might want to sell separately to make extra money. Also, you can remove the bumpers, car windows, doors and electrical components before giving your car away.


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