What is Triple Talaq and why is it in News?


Muslims and Hindus in India have been here for a long time. They have become an integral part with other communities and religions in India. Since very long Indian Muslims have observed the practice of “triple talaq”. And if someone opposes to they always give reference to the Muslim Personal law always(AIMPLB) which approves it.

A husband gives divorce to his wife as per his convenience without giving a second thought on how it might affect the life of her.

Not only triple talaq, but there is another practice also in Muslim called “Faskh-e-Nikah”. This is actually a dissolution of a marriage by an Islāmic court when the wife wants to have separation and divorce but husband refuses to do so. The triple talaq does not need any hearings of court and in fact, a Muslim man could legally divorce his wife over electronic mediums like telephone, email, SMS or any other similar medium.

Triple talaq does not follow any law and is one-sided. Moreover, this is not mentioned anywhere in the holy book, Quran. It was initiated by Caliph Umar but not supported by Quran.

The reasons behind giving talaq are also very silly many times. Yesterday only I was reading in news that a husband divorced his wife on not getting him the tea on time. There are many countries in the world including Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh which already has a ban on triple talaq and provision of imprisonment of one year or a fine.

Why is “Triple Talaq” in the News?

Triple talaq is an highlighted issue that attracted media attention and is in news since last two years. The first campaign against it was launched by “Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan“. The campaign was started to impose a ban on the practice as this would force a woman to consummate a second marriage if she wants to go back to her first husband after getting divorce via this practice.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had included this in his agenda when became prime minister. He has spoken on this issue many times and is trying hard to ban this by calling it “justice for Muslim women”.

No party earlier to BJP came in favour of Muslim women and opposed this age old practice. And now when the bill has got sanctioned in Lok Sabha, the opposition is ready to oppose in the Rajya Sabha. When Muslim women’s life was getting miserable due to triple talaq, no one came to their rescue. And now when the government has come in the favour everyone is trying to pull their legs but not giving support or creating hurdles in clearing the bill.

If AIMPLB had intervened earlier and opposed this three triple practice, government would not have to jump into the ground.

The government of India has struggled a lot to ban this practice as it has negative impact on women’s lives who are left with nothing in hand after getting divorced.

India constitute has a provision for personal laws for all religious communities as it supports all the religions. Therefore, the Muslim community follows the Muslim Personal Laws. But due to the campaign and opposition by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board the government has got serious to ban this practice of triple talaq.

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