WhatsApp to be Suspended in Brazil

Key features of WhatsApp are its ability to make it personalise with locks, background images, profile pic and also the ability to get back the messages once sent from the device.

It is perhaps one of the best social media platform that runs on phone. This is very simple and easy to configure on your smart phones. It comes with a lot of good features and services, like you can save your profile pic, store data, change status and send multimedia messages and many more.

In almost everywhere, in all the countries people use WhatsApp for communication but still there is a country like Brazil which was in news recently, owing to the instant ban that this application is facing.

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A judge in SAO PAULO, Brazil had issued an order to ban instant messaging application, WhatsApp from the country. The reason that was told: the app failed to help in some investigation.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging Application which was founded in 2009 by Brain Actor and Jan Koum. Both of these were former employees of Yahoo. This was later took over by facebook on February 19, 2014, and the deal was done for US $ 19 billion.

It is noted that WhatsApp does not have any office in Brazil and the order was delivered to cellphone operators instead of Whatsapp company.

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