Who Won 14th Presidential Election of India?


Ram Nath Kovind has won the presidential election of India. He would take oath as the 14th president of India. The voting took place on July 17 and the result was declared on July 20.

Ram Nath Kovind won over two-thirds of the total electoral votes. He will take the oath on 25th July.

Prime Minister, Narender Modi congratulated Ram Nath Kovind for winning the election and tweeted, “Congratulations to Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji on being elected the President of India! Best wishes for a fruitful & inspiring tenure.”

Kovind had been the governor of Bihar and everyone of confident of his victory so much that the sweets and flowers reached to his Delhi home much before the official announcement of his win made.

Dalit candidate Ram Nath Kovind had a tough competition against Mira Kumar who was also a Dalit candidate representing Congress Party.

Ram Nath shared his happiness after the win and said, “I never dreamed of this position nor was it a goal. My election to this post is a message to all those who discharge their duties with honesty and integrity”.

The voting was held on July 17 and 4851 MPs and MLAs casted their votes, out of which 77 votes were declared in valid-bearing total value of 1069358. The total number of valid votes in the election was 4774. Ram Nath Kovind got 2930 votes in his favour-bearing a total value of 702044, while, Meera Kumar got 1844 votes in her favour-bearing a value of 367314.

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